Blog Mailing Lists: A Dead End Feature for Bloggers?

Blog mailing lists and newsletters used to be one of the first tactics to get into when you first launched your blog. However, I have come to conclusion that blog mailing lists are a dead end feature for bloggers. Do you have a blog mailing list for your blog? How many subscribers does your blog mailing list get each month? How about each day? I subscribe to a lot of blog mailing lists and I will honestly tell you, I might read 3 blog mailing lists a year. To me, I feel that these lists are just not as important to blog readers anymore and in this article I will point out why…


Blog Mailing Lists


Blog Mailing Lists go to Junk Mail

They tend to do it quite often! Many email providers are getting so technical and advanced with their email systems that a lot of emails that are not junk or spam are getting confused with junk or spam and getting sent right to the junk mail folder. Blog mailing lists are often victim to junk mail folders. And to try to explain to your readers how they need to adjust their email settings on their own, whether or not you know they can do it or not and go through that hassle just to keep readership active on your blog mailing lists – is it worth all that? Sometimes I wonder if blog newsletters are going to my junk mail folder because the email provider notices that I am not reading from that sender that often.


Social Networking Killed Blog Mailing Lists

It really did! You don’t need to collect blog mailing lists and send out emails once a month anymore. You can reach your viewers once or multiple times a day using social networking, instead. So instead of writing this huge email and hoping people read it – you can post some status updates once or twice a day and usually get some great analytics telling you how much of an audience has seen your updates. Let me tell you this, I and almost everyone I know is always surfing Facebook a lot more than checking email. I check my email maybe once or twice a day but I am always looking at status updates from my friends and pages I liked on my timeline at all hours of the day and night. Blog mailing lists don’t have a thing on social networking.


Blog Mailing Lists get spanked by Email Providers

In the old days, maintaining blog mailing lists was a simple task but then spam was invented by some ungodly person on the internet and email providers started becoming aggressive about blog mailing lists and other forms of mass email activities. Most email providers, web hosting services and related will limit how many emails you can send an hour and even a day and that will require you to make setting adjustments on your blog mailing lists in order for all your subscribers to get your emails without anyone of them being lost. So now people with blog mailing lists are forced to pay for maintaining blog mailing lists. Sites like MailChimp are cool and all but they charge you to send email and the bigger your blog mailing lists are, the more you will be expected to pay to send email. Guess what? Social networking updates are FREE to send!


So why are you still using blog mailing lists to send newsletters out to your readers? That is the question for today! Thank you for reading my blog post about why blog mailing lists should be taken outside and shot. I hope you enjoyed reading this article today! Please help support me for writing it by sharing it with other bloggers and especially by sharing in on your favorite social networking sites because that is how you can seriously reach an audience without obstacles being put out in front of you.


Your turn to comment! Do you still maintain blog mailing lists for getting the attention of your subscribers? Do you think social networking is a better alternative to blog mailing lists? What other ways can you reach your audience besides using blog mailing lists and social networking?


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Blog Promotion Series by Your Dream Blog is now complete!

The Blog Promotion Series by Your Dream Blog is now complete for you to enjoy! I hope you have enjoyed my Blog Promotion Series and I hope the tips in this Blog Promotion Series help you better your own blog promotion tactics. Please have a look at the article listed in this blog promotion series below and feel free to comment on them and share them with others as well. By sharing my blog promotion series with other bloggers and on social media, you will motivate me to write even more blog promotion series for you in the future!


Blog Promotion Series


The YDB Blog Promotion Series

  1. Blog Promotion Plan – It is important that you create a promotion plan before promoting because you will have all the tools in place before the fun part actually starts!
  2. Network Blog Promotion – Networking with other bloggers, experts and authorities can really help you make your blog into a well-known site in the niche you blog in!
  3. Blog Commenting – Who would have thought that a couple comments a week could drive hundreds and thousands of new reader to your blog each and every day?
  4. Forum Posting – Forums are communities and communities are awesome for getting more readers, commenters and fans to your blog if you do it right!
  5. Social Media Promotion – If you are one of those bloggers who are not marketing with social media, then you are likely missing out on tons of traffic just waiting for you and your blog!
  6. Trending Blog Posts – If only you could create a new trend in your blogging niche that everyone and their brother knows about – it could make you one hot blogger!
  7. Video Blog Marketing – Video blogging is a great form of blogging for both video fans and content writing fans. You just need to know how to market your videos, first!
  8. Blog Promotion Email – It is important that you boost traffic concerns for your returning readers just as much as boosting the traffic for new readers on your blog!
  9. Social Bookmarking Promotion – Social bookmarking promoting is where it is at…Do you Digg it? There are tons of bookmarks waiting around for your blog’s content!
  10. Fan Sharing – Fan sharing and word of mouth blog promotion might be one of the best forms of blog promotion and marketing and it could make you well-known overnight!


Thanks for reading my Blog Promotion Series and stay tuned for more great blog articles to be published here at Your Dream Blog!


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Fan Sharing (Blog Promotion Series)

Fan sharing might be one of the best forms of blog promotion which is also often called “word of mouth” promotion. The idea behind fan sharing is getting other people to share your blog and your blog posts. Usually, there are a lot of new bloggers that don’t even think about fan sharing and they don’t even ask their readers to share their posts. Now a lot of blog readers will share without being asked but to ask your readers to share usually will encourage them to do so more often because they like what you have to write about and they want to help motivate you to write more about it.


Fan Sharing


Practice Fan Sharing to Perfect It

A lot of times, your first attempts at fan sharing will result in failure and that is fine, it happens. You need to just continue to practice fan sharing tactics and different marketing approaches. Maybe you are saying the wrong words? Maybe you are being too pushy about asking people to share your content? Maybe you are not being pushy enough? The best way to go about deciding this is to look at other bigger blogs in your niche and see what they are doing for increasing fan sharing activities on their blog and blog posts. Experiment with different tactics to find out which ones work for you and your blog the best.


Encourage Fan Sharing through Blog Response

One way to increase fan sharing is to encourage blog response. Basically, you give your take on a subject and then ask your readers who blog (many blog readers are usually bloggers themselves) to blog about what you have to say about a subject and what they feel about it. Maybe they have a different take or opinion on the subject you have wrote about. You should include in your blog posts questions and encouragement for readers to comment or blog about the topic. Who knows… Maybe you will start a trend of blog responses and each blogger who responds links to your original post – that is how blog posts can get viral!


Fan Sharing and Viral Advertising

One tactic to consider when focusing your blog marketing efforts of fan sharing is viral advertising. In this instance, you want your fans to share and comment a lot on one specific subject. A lot of time, online marketers and bloggers will focus their fan sharing viral advertising efforts on the social media markets. See, you can create your blog post, submit the link to social media and focus on that submission for viral publishing. It is always good to have a good photo or image with your content when attempting viral advertising. You might also consider humor, video and other popular content-types that usually get viral shares and comments.


Work on Local Fan Sharing for Success

Local word of mouth a fan sharing campaigns work really well in the blogging niche! Most communities have their fair share of blog readers and bloggers alike. For local fan sharing efforts, I suggest doing a number of local advertising campaigns to help boost the effects of word of mouth advertising. Get a vehicle magnet or bumper sticker with your blog URL printed on it; stick it on all of your vehicles, ATVs, bikes, boats and so on. Get some business cards made for your blog and give them to everyone who might be interested in your blog or who might know someone interested in your blog. Pin the business cards up on bulletin boards at local businesses (most of them have something like this). Be creative if you can – for example, I once wrote my cycling blog’s URL in the gravel of a bike path. I even got comments from readers who found it that way – it works!


Target Influencers for Fan Sharing

When attempting any fan sharing efforts of marketing your blog, you should always target influencers. Target sharing and promoting actions with those you know who will talk about it with other people. You should find people in your blogging niche who are outspoken and very talkative in the niche and target them to promote your blog using word of mouth techniques.


Thanks for reading my article about fan sharing. I hope this article has helped you out with your blog promotion tactics. This is the last article of my Blog Promotion Series. Please help support me for writing this article and this entire series for you by sharing my blog with other bloggers and especially on social media.


Your turn to comment!

Do you ever practice fan sharing and word of mouth promotion for your blog? What are some of the more creative ways you have used fan sharing to promote your blog online and offline?


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Social Bookmarking Promotion (Blog Promotion Series)

Social bookmarking promotion is a wonderful method of getting more traffic and readers to your blog. The idea behind social bookmarking promotion is that you are saving a blog post on your blog as a “favorite” or “bookmark” but everyone on the social bookmarking promotion network can see what you are favoring and check it out for themselves. There are tons and tons of social bookmarking promotion websites out there for you as well so why not give them a shot? A few of my favorite social bookmarking promotion sites are Digg, Stumble Upon and Pinterest and I recommend you give them all a try or two and see how they too can help you and your blog.


Social Bookmarking Promotion


Experiment with Different Social Bookmarking Promotion Sites

Don’t just find one or two social bookmarking promotion sites that you like and only share your content on them – focus on as many social bookmark sites as you can find and make it a habit to share each blog post you make on each of those sites. The same traffic will likely not be hanging out at each site so by sharing on multiple sites, you will have a better chance at getting a lot more different kinds of reader traffic to your blog. You might not get that much of a rank at one social bookmarking promotion site but Google and other search engines will still see the link as a back link and if you do rank high on another bookmark site, the big boy search engines will also take notice of that as well. By only choosing to bookmark on a couple of sites, you risk raising the popularity and ranking of your blog – don’t make that mistake!


Make Time to Submit to Social Bookmarking Promotion Sites

A lot of blogging gurus will tell you to pay for an automated script or sign up for a free service that will submit each blog post you make to a large number of social bookmarking promotion sites. I don’t recommend this tactic for two main reasons! ONE – Google and other search engines can usually tell if your links have been mass submitted to multiple websites and since this tactic is often used by Xrumor-type spam bots, it could harm your overall search engine rank by mistake. TWO – It looks fake because it is fake and it’s hard to hide being fake on the internet these days. Instead of being fake about it, make time to submit to multiple social bookmarking promotion sites so that you can make it as realistic looking as you can as well as be able to use all the features the site has to offer to you to make your submission appear to more viewers. Blog promotion requires time and dedication and if you cannot do that or cannot find someone else to, promoting your blog is going to be a very difficult chore.


Share Useful Content on Social Bookmarking Promotion Sites

This tip boils down to what you are writing about and how you are writing it. People who use social bookmarking promotion sites are usually surfing the sites and looking for useful and helpful-type content to read about. You need to focus on writing awesome blog posts that people actually want to read. One thing I constantly focus on when writing each and every blog post I make, is to help another person with an issue. That is my priority – I want every blog post I make to help another person do something whether it’s to solve a challenging problem or sharing my experience on an alternative solution to an issue. News articles will also get good attention on social bookmarking promotion sites as long as the news is new or at least a new take on a story. Remember – No one wants to read the same thing that everyone else is writing about so be sure to do some research before writing your next article to share on social bookmarking promotion sites.


Ethical Social Bookmarking Promotion is Required

Ethics are very important when it comes to promoting your blog on the internet. If you attempt to cheat the system or trick it, your unethical tactics might eventually get you into trouble. Trouble as in Google and other major search engines giving you a horrible rank or even blacklisting (banning) you from their search engines altogether for being identified as a spammer. Once you get blacklisted, it is next to impossible to recover. You also risk your niche audience identifying that you are attempting to cheat the system and that they should never trust you or your content again. If you lose your audience, you can kiss any chance of recovering from it goodbye. Don’t do anything that could be seen as shady such as opening up several accounts of social bookmarking promotion sites only to rate your own content, hiring services to rate your content, using automated mass-submission services and posting inaccurate and/or misleading content on the bookmarking sites. If you cheat and get caught, I am afraid to say you deserve anything bad that happens afterwards – no one likes a cheater!


Gather Intelligence on Social Bookmarking Promotion Sites

In order to properly use a social bookmarking promotion site to its fullest advantage, you need to understand it as fully as you can. For each social bookmarking promotion site you use, take a look at the features they have to offer and understand what they mean and what they will do for your sharing activities. Then explore the community – get an idea of how members of the community use the community and how they find interesting content. Try to find your own blog’s niche audience on the community and gather intelligence data on how they use the community so that you can post in favor of how they are using the site. You should also become an active member of the site by completing your profile, uploading your avatar and even reading and sharing other peoples’ work as well. If you are just there to promote, others might take notice of that and not take you as seriously as you would like to be taken.


Encourage Your Audience to Help Out with the Social Bookmaking Promotion

You don’t have to do these social bookmarking promotion tactics on your own, you know! You can encourage your readers and audience to also share your blog posts on social bookmarking promotion sites as well. You could also ask your friends and family to help out if possible as well. I suggest you add features to your blog that allows readers to share your blog posts on social bookmarking promotion sites. WordPress offers tons of free addons to make this possible – focus on the addons that have the most social bookmark sites to share on because as I said before, the more sites to share on, the better the chance you will get more traffic and readers on your blog.


Thank you for reading my article on social bookmarking promotion methods and how these methods can bring your blog more traffic. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and I hope it can help you get more traffic to your blog as well. Please help support my for writing this article by sharing it with other bloggers that you know and admire and by also sharing it on social media and social bookmarking sites as well.


Your turn to comment!

Are you doing social bookmarking promotion tactics on your blog these days? What are some of your favorite social bookmarking sites and why do you enjoy them so much?


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Blog Promotion Email (Blog Promotion Series)

Sending blog promotion email messages to your newsletter subscribers is a great way to get returning traffic to your blog each time you post a new update on it. Of course you need to make sure you have the newsletter subscribers for your blog in order to send blog promotion email messages to users in the first place. As long as you are not spamming the inbox of your blog promotion email subscribers, you can really drive a lot of traffic back to your blog using this method. In this article I will show you how to build a basic blog promotion email list as well as how you can master your blog promotion email writing skills.


Blog Promotion Email


Subscribers Needed for Blog Promotion Email

First thing first, you need actual newsletter subscribers before you start sending out blog promotion email messages to your audience, right? So how would you go about getting these subscribers? First, I recommend adding an opt-in type form on every page of your blog. Put it at the top on the sidebar so that readers on your blog actually see it. Add some sort of Call-to-Action commend to the box to increase subscriptions. As an example, you could add something along the lines of “Subscribe now to get more tips about…Your Niche Here”. Another way to gain blog promotion email subscribers is to offer them something in exchange for subscribing to your email. Maybe offer them a free eBook or two and then keep giving them free eBooks every now and then while they are subscribed to the newsletter. There are many more methods out there available for getting more subscribers – do a quick Google search for more and enjoy all the results.


Promote Posts with Blog Promotion Email

The best way to use a blog newsletter for blog promotion email tactics is to promote your blog within the newsletter issues that you send. You should start out with a good strong title that relates to the post you will be spotlighting but isn’t the exact title of that post. You want to keep things unique and never repeat anything word for word otherwise the reader might get bored very quickly. Then move on to the spotlight post – Put in a couple of paragraphs of related teaser content (that isn’t word for word of the article) and then provide a link to the post related to the content on the newsletter. Some bloggers will write an entire article each and every time they send a newsletter just to promote one post. I am not entirely sure that is the best practice because it gives the subscriber something regular to expect. I think breaking email newsletter issues into different practices is a better idea – sometimes you send a long article promoting a post while other times you send just a few sentences promoting a post. Be unique, creative and innovative about sending out blog promotion email newsletters for the best results.


Don’t send too much Blog Promotion Email

The one mistake which you do not want to make is spamming the inbox of your subscribers. Sure, they did sign up for your blog email promotion list on their own but they didn’t sign up to get one email a day from you or several emails a week, even. I would recommend either sending an email newsletter once a month or quarterly during the year (4 times a year). This will keep you away from being seen as a spammer and still allow you to do some good blog email promotion for your current readers. So each month or quarter you send your email newsletter, choose the most recent post on your blog or the most recent longer post and spotlight that for the newsletter. Then take about 5-10 of you more recent posts on the blog and link their titles on the newsletter in a “Further Reading” section of the issue. This will allow you to spotlight your best recent article as well as promote other recent articles you have written as well.


Add Something Unique to Your Blog Promotion Email

In order to make the best out of your blog promotion email messages, you need to add something fresh and unique to each issue you send. If it’s the same old, same old content – your audience will eventually get bored and quit reading them or worse, they might even unsubscribe from your newsletter altogether. But what can you add to a newsletter to make is fresh and unique against the actual content on your blog? I suggest considering many different things including adding an article to each newsletter that is exclusive to only that newsletter issue, offering hidden premium article links and free eBooks or guides exclusive to newsletter subscribers from time to time, sharing content such as industry news and content that others have written and even including special offers, deals and freebies only to your newsletter subscribers. The best way to make your blog promotion email list unique is to be creative about doing it.


Master Your Blog Promotion Email Writing Skills

In order to send great blog promotion email to your subscribers, you need to master your writing skills. You not only want to improve your spelling and grammar as best as you can but you want to focus on other aspects of righting as well. You should look up and master Call-to-Action writing and materials used to draw readers into performing some sort of action in association with your blog. You should also discover the various marketing languages out there and experiment with each of them to see which ones give you and your blog the better results in the end. Self-editing is probably what you want to master in terms of writing great content. A few pointers to remember when self-editing is to read the text out loud after you have written it and slowly so that you can identify any errors or confusion in your writing and to read the text as if you were a guest. You basically want to write with perfection to a point where you can sell the story to yourself if that makes any sense to you at all!


Thanks for reading my article about driving returning traffic to your blog by using blog promotion email tactics. Returning traffic is just as important a new traffic if not even more important simply because returning traffic are fans that have already been established. I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post today. If you have, please share it with other bloggers and on social media to help show me support for writing it.


Your turn to comment!

Do you send blog promotion out to your readers at all? If so, how often do you send email out to them? What sort of material are you adding to your blog promotion email?


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Video Blog Marketing (Blog Promotion Series)

by | Aug 11, 2014 | Blog Promotion, Business Blogging

Video blog marketing deserves its spotlight in the Blog Promotion Series as well. Many of you these days are leaving the traditional content writing blog method and going towards the video blogging world and that is fine – do whichever makes you comfortable the most because they both work one in the same. You could even do both! Write on a blog website and publish video blogs on YouTube or something like that. You could even create a video to associate with a blog post you wrote. The options are pretty much endless on what type of blogger you decide you want to be. But in this article, I will focus on blog marketing strategies having to do with videos.


Video Blog Marketing


Video Blog Marketing doesn’t stop at YouTube

YouTube is a great video service and it’s often used by billions and billions of internet users each month but you don’t have to focus all of your video blog marketing efforts on YouTube. There are a few others that you should consider as well. One other video blog marketing haven to consider is Live Leak, a popular video site where often “leaked footage” of events are uploaded and shown to the world. Even if you have nothing to “leak”, you still should consider Live Leak simply because of its large audience waiting for “leaked” media to be posted. Focus on words like “leaked” and “Secrets” in your video title and you might get more hits on a site like Live Leak. Vine is another growing video blog marketing tactic – a video uploading site that allows you to upload 6-second long videos. Now 6 seconds isn’t very long so you will really need to tap into your create side when creating videos on this service. Vine seems to be fairly popular on Twitter as well. So don’t just focus on one video site that everyone else is using because there are tons more out there that can drive even more traffic to whatever you are promoting.


Master Video Blog Marketing with Viral Video Focusing

If you really want your video blog marketing to be huge and extremely successful, then you need to focus on creating viral videos. A viral video is a video seen and shared by a lot of people. Most people won’t consider a video as a viral video until over hundreds of thousands of people has seen and shared it and sometimes even right up there in the millions. But what can you do to make a video, viral? Most viral videos are funny or just completely epic to watch so focus on those two factors. If you are into niche-based video blog marketing, integrate humor and “epicness” into your videos. For example, if you have a video of your dog running into a glass door (hopefully it didn’t get hurt), you could integrate that into a video somehow. Like let’s say I create a video about “Blog SEO Tactics” and in the video, I say that keyword stuffing is a bad idea and then I warn my audience what will happen if they stuff keywords and then I show a clip of my dog running into a glass door. That is what I mean by integrating humor or epic content into a video. The trick here is not only making someone laugh and smile at your video but teaching them something in the process.


Mention Your Fans when doing Video Blog Marketing

You will likely get some or even a lot of fans once you start video blog marketing. People love videos and they love videos a lot. I watch TV maybe 24 hours within an entire year. Once YouTube came around and other video sites, I no longer really needed TV – I am one of the many who would rather watch short videos on a subject on the internet than watch a commercial-infested show on the television. But I am getting off-topic here… FANS! You want to mention your fans in your videos because they are likely watching each and every one that you make. Now don’t get all stalker on your fans and share personal information or say anything at all that could be taken the wrong way and make them look bad or ignorant or something like that. If a fan publically asks a question, then make a video specifically for them answering that question and crediting them for asking it. Little things like that will go a long way in earning a dedicated fan who will watch your videos, comment on them and share them with their friends. You want other people to watch your videos, so focus on making other people happy with your videos.


You can use SEO with Your Video Blog Marketing Tactics

You wouldn’t think Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a big importance when it comes to video blog marketing but it really is in many ways. SEO is just as important to master in terms of video blog marketing as it is with regular blog marketing. However, SEO for video blog marketing appears to be a lot easier than regular blog marketing simply because there are fewer things to do because you can’t exactly add SEO features to your voice…though I am sure Google is working on it. But focus on what you can do in terms of video blog marketing SEO tactics such as using keywords. Keywords in your title and description can help search engines better rank your video in their search results. I say add the keyword or keyword string to your title near or at the beginning and then one keyword or keyword string in each paragraph you write on the video’s description. If you can include a video transcript then you should also be doing that. Sure, it takes more time and effort to write a transcript but it also gives Google and other major search engines more content to rank your video by.


Watch Comments when Video Blog Marketing

Especially on YouTube, if you plan to allow comments on your video blog posts, you need to keep an eye on the comment section. This is for 2 main reasons. First of all, you should be communicating with your fans because it will show them that you care about what they have to say and they will often return again in the future. Even if a fan just thanks you for sharing the video with them, you should at least reply with some sort of conversation starter such as “You’re welcome Username, What part of the video did you enjoy the most?” or something along those lines. The second reason to watch the comment area is because YouTube comment sections are infamous at becoming swamps of abuse, racism and terrifying comment pools. You should always moderate comments by removing the ones who are causing trouble and report those who need to be reported. If you fail to pay attention to the comment area, you might fail at video blog marketing for that video simply because the fighting could get so bad that is scares real fans away from the page.


Thanks for reading my article on video blog marketing and I hope it helps out. Please help support me for writing this article by sharing it with others and especially on social media websites as well.


Your turn to comment!

Do you get into video blog marketing at all? What are some other great ways to market video blogs online? Have you ever made a video blog before?


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Trending Blog Posts (Blog Promotion Series)

by | Aug 8, 2014 | Blog Promotion, Business Blogging

Creating trending blog posts is a great way to drive more traffic, readers and commenters on your blog. Trends are basically the subjects that are most popular within a genre at this moment in time. To be able to master the art of posting trending blog topics, it will require you to constantly keep an eye on what are trending in your niche but there are several benefits that come along with doing just that. Following trends will allow you to stay up to date with the latest hot topics of the niche which can essentially increase your authority and expertise in the niche. Staying up to date with the current trends will also be a powerhouse of new ideas for you to write about on your blog. Heck, you might even figure out how to start a trend of your own by closely monitoring the trends of your blog niche and if you were to do that – your traffic WOULD LIKELY EXPLODE!


Trending Blog Posts


Write Trending Blog Posts by Follow Authorities

You know who often knows what makes great trending blog posts? The big named bloggers in your niche, that’s who! Get out there in your niche and find the authorities and experts in the niche and closely monitor what they are blogging about. In order to remain an authority and expert of a niche, the top dogs of the niche constantly have to write about what is currently trending in the niche. So you can keep an eye on what they are writing about and pretty much get an idea of what you should be writing about. However, don’t copy what the experts are writing about because it has already been written and why on earth would someone want to read the same thing? Instead, create something unique based on the current trend and use that to create trending blog posts on your blog.


Good Hashtag Use Makes Good Trending Blog Posts

Use hashtags when you are able to! If you’re posting link to your potential trending blog posts on Twitter or Facebook, use their hashtag features because it will add it globally to the “cloud” that the trend has started for the audience interested in it. But be sure that you use good hashtags and not just any plain word because you need to keep aligned with the current trends. Use at least one brand hashtag each time you update on these social networks. What I mean by brand hashtag is a specific hashtag associated with your blog to become a familiar hashtag used for your blog. For example, I would use “#yourdreamblog” as my brand hashtag and accompany it with all my status updates on Facebook and Twitter concerning my blog posts. You should also focus on using actual established trending hashtags as well. For example, if I was posting something about the Tour de France on my Cycling Blog, I would use “#tdf” as one of my hashtags because that is what everyone else is using for associating their status update with the Tour de France. Just remember to use your hashtags wisely at all times!


How to Discover Trends for Writing Trending Blog Posts

How would you go about finding what is trending to figure out what trending blog posts you should be making? We have already covered connecting with the niche experts which could essentially be the main way of finding trends within a niche but there are other means of finding trends as well. There are many sites you can go to for finding the latest hot topics, trends and popular subjects of the day. You can check out the trends at Twitter. You can see what it the buzz at BuzzFeed. Google Search offers a cool tool to check the current trends of their search engine which is a tool every blogger should be using when focusing on creating trending blog posts. You can also login to your Google Plus account and click on the What’s Hot link to find out the latest trending topics on Google Plus. AllTop is an excellent website with many different categories that could be related to your niche – check out the top blogs and their posts on these categories to see what is trending in the niche blog land of the internet. The best way to find the current trends of a niche is to simply get out and look for them!


Focus Writing Trending Blog Posts on Your Own Trends

Trending blog posts and ideas for these posts can also come from right on your blog. Usually when contributing readers comment on your blog, they ask questions. You can also find their questions elsewhere too such as on other blogs, forums, question sites and so on. Start reading the questions and start writing them down and then calculate the questions and try to determine which question is being asked the most in your blogging niche. Then you have ideas born for creating trending blog posts on your blog. This method is also a good method for creating your own trending blog posts and starting the new “What’s Hot” category of the day in your blog niche. Who knows, you might actually start a trend that other bloggers in the niche also write about and that alone can make you pretty famous in your blog’s niche! There really are not that many risks when it comes to trends marketing, so go all in!


Thanks for reading my article on creating trending blog posts. I hope this article has helped you and hopefully it will give you the advice to make some trending blog posts of your own. If you have enjoyed reading this article today, may I ask of you a favor? Please share this article with other bloggers that you know. You can also help show me support for writing this article by sharing it on your favorite social networking sites as well including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google Plus.


Your turn to comment!

Do you focus on writing trending blog posts for your blog? What have been some of the trending blog posts you have written in the past? How do you find the current trends within your blog’s niche?


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Social Media Promotion (Blog Promotion Series)

by | Aug 6, 2014 | Blog Promotion, Business Blogging

Social media promotion is one of the main methods of promoting a blog used by most bloggers, today! There are so many opportunities on social media to promote a blog and more and more opportunities and tactics are being created for promoting blogs each and every day. Social media promotion is a very easy task as well as long as you commit a little bit of time and effort to it. With all of the social networks being opened up these days, not focusing on social media promotion could be a huge risk to take for making your blog more popular. Got Social?


Social Media Promotion


Smaller Networks is where Social Media Promotion is at

Social media promotion of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, YouTube and other big names are important but so are all of the little guys as well. Don’t focus all your effort of social media promotion on the big boy sites and nothing else. Get out there and find those smaller social media communities and focus on them as well. See, there is a unique strategy available if you focus on these rising star smaller social networks! If you become an active member of the smaller social network and it eventually become a bigger social network, you are pretty much considered a regular and like a founding member of that social network. Everyone will know you and thus everyone will know your blog. So remember that small social networks are really just as important as the larger social networks when it comes to social media promotion and blogger reputation.


Setup a Page for Social Media Promotion

If the social network you join offers a page or group creation feature, be sure to use it. Setup a page and focus social media promotion on that page. The page should be about your blog. For example, you can find Your Dream Blog on its own Facebook page and we even have a Twitter page as well. Now on my social pages, I have added the ability to automatically post links to new blog posts I write on my blog through the RSS feature. However, I don’t want everything to look fake so I also post on the social page on my own as well and share content on the page that I am not sharing on my blog. If want my social fans to know that they can network with a real person on the social page at any time. You also want to make sure you promote your social page like you would your blog because that will essentially deliver more traffic to your social page and then to your blog. I add my social page links to the sidebar of my blog, on my blog newsletters and even at the bottom of every blog post that I write.


Social Media Promotion Includes Social Exploration

So you have a social page for your blog and you’re posting on it frequently and adding your blog posts to it as well. Is that enough? Not even close! You also need to do some social exploration within the social community you are focusing social media promotion on. Find other pages, groups and profiles that share the same interest in the niche you are covering with your blog. Like or follow these pages and comment on what the authors have to say. Treat it like blog commenting as well and make sure your comments contribute to the discussion. Join social groups and frequently post new topics and share things with the group about the niche you are focusing on. You should also look for members of the social networks who share your interests or are considered experts and authorities of the niche – befriend these social network members and connect with them, socially. If you want to be noticed on a social network, you have to get out there and do activities that will make other people notice you. You have to go to them; they will likely not come to you!


Social Media Promotion on the Top Social Networks

When focusing your social media promotion efforts on the big boys of social networking, you need to understand the different benefits and features that each social networking giant offers you. These different benefits and features will not only enhance your social media promotion campaigns but they will likely draw more attention to you and your blog the more you use them. Below are some of the unique features to use per big boy social media giant…


Facebook – The main benefits of Facebook to focus on is befriending others who share your expertise or interest in the niche, creating pages and groups for your blog and events/activities that are associated with your blog, liking other related pages and joining groups about the niche and being active on those pages and groups, using your own timeline to post links to your blog posts and importance announcements about your blog niche, allowing others to become your friend on Facebook so they can stay up to date with what you are doing in your life and in the niche and the use of hashtags to help draw a bigger market for your blog post status update links.


Twitter – The greatness of Twitter is that you can reach people quick and easy with 140 characters or less. You should set your Twitter page up to automatically Tweet updates when you post a new blog post but you should also actively post and share related information as new tweets as well so nothing looks fake and automated. The idea is to gain followers and you can usually accomplish this by following others and promoting your Twitter page on other venues such as your blog posts. Twitter offers a variety of useful features including the ability to tag other members in your updates, send people direct messages and use hashtags to enter a bigger market for your selected keywords which all of these features, you should be using on Twitter.


Social Media Promotion by Encouraging Use of Social Media

In order for social media promotion to be truly successful, your audience should be encouraged by you to actually use your social media outlets. One great way of doing this is to focus the ability to contact you through social media methods. So instead of placing a contact form on your blog where readers can email you directly, place a couple of links to your Facebook and Twitter pages and encourage your readers to contact you through those methods, instead. The more attention that you can bring to your social media pages will essentially result in more followers on your active social media pages and then they will be linked to your blog. Potential blog readers who find your social pages need to see a page full of awesome and useful content and fans who are actively discussing all of that awesome and useful content. If they stumble on to a dead page, why would they want to go any further than that? In many cases, I recommend that you treat your social media pages as if it was your actual blog – promote them all just the same.


Thanks for reading my article about social media promotion. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and I hope it will help you conduct better social media promotion tactics for your own blog. Speaking of social media, you can help show me support for writing this article for you by sharing it with other bloggers and especially on your social media profiles such as Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and even Twitter.


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Do you have a Facebook page for your blog? Do you have a Twitter page for your blog? Are you actively conducting social media promotion methods on your social media fan pages? What other not so famous social networks are you also focusing on?


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Forum Posting (Blog Promotion Series)

by | Aug 4, 2014 | Blog Promotion, Business Blogging

Forum posting is a great way to promote your blog, send traffic to your blog posts and develop your online reputation as an expert within your blog’s niche. Forum posting much like blog commenting is more of an art though than it is of a tactic or strategy. A forum is just as much a community as your blog is a community so it is important to understand that. You need to make sure that you are not using a forum for entirely of blog promotion tactics otherwise you will not get the most success you can get out of blog promotion by using forum posting methods.


Forum Posting


Forum Posting NOT Forum Spamming

Forum posting for blog promotion should not be done in the form of forum spamming – it is important to get that statement out here in the open right now. If you join a message forum and focus entirely on promoting your blog and not contributing to the community then you are doing nothing more than spamming the forum. As a forum owner myself and someone who has run message forums for over fifteen years – I for one do not want to see bloggers join anyone’s forum and spam it just for their own blog promotion needs. So if you plan on using forum posting as a successful method of promoting your blog, you need to do it the right way or not do it at all. Spamming on a forum can result in many negative results including your blog being completely blocked on the forum, your account being banned from the forum and even a huge hit to your reputation online. You don’t want to be known as “the forum spammer” of your blogging niche, do you? Yes to contributing – No to spamming!


Promotion Tools for Forum Posting

So how exactly would you promote your blog on a forum? The best way to go about this tactic is to use the normal method of promoting a website on a message forum – your forum signature. Now before you add a link to your forum signature, check the forum rules first and make sure you are allowed to do so as not all forums allow signature links. Once you know you are allowed to have your link added to your signature, you can go ahead and add your blog to your signature. Now the trick here is not being “so shiny” about advertising in your signature. Don’t use a huge font size, banners or something that you feel is going to instantly catch the attention of others! Why not? Because people will often realize you just want to promote your link and that isn’t what you want people to think. I have the most success in forum posting promotion strategies when I add my link is simple normal font size and put a 4-5 word description of the link and that’s it! If anything, the only format I add to the signature is bolding the link itself and that is it. You want to be simple about it because you will blend into the forum a lot better instead of looking like someone who is just there to promote something.


Forum Posting with Expertise in Mind

The best way to get noticed on a message forum through forum posting is to join with being an expert on the forum’s subject in mind. Before joining a message forum, check out the forum posting from other members and determine if members frequently ask a lot of questions about the subject or not. If they do, then that is a good forum to join and focus forum posting efforts on. Try to answer questions about the niche with complete accuracy and something contributing that concerned members can easily do so that their questions and answered in the best form possible. If someone else is answering questions, don’t walk on their contributions or try to outdo them – instead, try to contribute something more to their answer and socially connect with these other experts. If other members on the forum notice that you are the person to go to for answers about the niche, then they will start noticing what you have to say as well as your forum signature link to your blog.


Forum Posting is Mainly about Promoting Yourself

Forum posting is mainly focused on self-promotion more than blog promotion which is a good thing to consider. As a niche blogger, you strive to become an authority and expert of your niche. A forum will help others meet you and allow the World Wide Web to know who you are and thus understand what stance you have in the niche you are focusing on. Sure, signature links will help bring some forum traffic to your blog and if you are allowed to link on your signature, you should be doing it. However, your main goal of promotion on a message forum should be developing your reputation as an expert blogger and authority in the genre you are focusing on. If you develop fans of your work and literature, then you will essentially drive traffic to your blog and anything else you want to promote within the niche. A forum is one of the best types of outlets to master your own niche reputation scores.


Active Members will Gain Forum Posting Success

If you want to gain a lot of success with your forum posting strategies on a community, then you need to focus on being very active on the community. The more often you are on the message forum, the more often other people will start to recognize you and want to learn more about who you are and what you do. Logging into a forum once a week and posting a couple of times isn’t enough! For the best results, you should be a daily active member posting frequently several times a day or at least once a day or once every other day. The more active you are, the better the results will be. If you post once and not come back again, your post will essentially become buried with posts from other members and no one will know who you are or anything about your blog. So join an active message forum, fill out your profile and make a signature, post a good introduction topic about yourself and frequently login and post when you can. If you create new topics, you will have a better chance of getting noticed and usually the forum owner will really enjoy your company as long as your topics are fresh and unique against the rest of the discussions on the forum.


Catch the Eyes of Readers with Your Forum Posting

The readers of forum posting include the forum owner, the forum staff, forum regulars, and other forum members, guests who are not members and even search engines indexing the forum content for SEO rating statuses. It is good to write for all of these readers in a way that all of these readers can benefit from what you write about. Create eye catching topic titles and put useful and helpful content within the body of your forum posting. Focus on keywords to help rank yourself and your interests on search engines but don’t get too carried away with SEO tactics otherwise it will likely be noticed and your content could look rather fake. Ask questions in your topics and replies to help encourage a contributing discussion. Make your forum posting goal something along the lines of getting the attention of all the active members of a message forum so that they can learn more about who you are, what you do and the blog that run which should be related to the forum’s niche.


Thanks for reading my article about using forums and forum posting tactics to promote your blog. I hope this article has helped you. Consider checking out and joining Another Admin Forum, a great and active forum that I own for forum owners, bloggers, online store operators and other website administrators. The forum is packed full of great resources and a friendly community of members who love to help out. Please help support me for writing this article by sharing it with other bloggers that you know as well as on social media sites such as Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.


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Are any of you doing forum posting strategies to promote your blog? How many forums online are you a member of? Have you ever moderated or owned a message forum before? What other ways have you used a message forum to ethically promote your blog?


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Blog Commenting (Blog Promotion Series)

by | Aug 1, 2014 | Blog Promotion, Business Blogging

Blog commenting is a great way to promote your blog because other readers and bloggers are going to be able to take notice of your blog. But don’t just make the assumption that any blog commenting strategy you take is going to be a success because that isn’t always the case. Blog commenting is more like an art in terms of blog promotion than it is a strategy. You have to train yourself to master your blog commenting skills and tactics before it actually shows to be a success at promoting your blog to readers and writers of other blogs in your niche. Let me show you how it is exactly done…


Blog Commenting


Understand the Need for Blog Commenting First

First thing first, you need to understand the need and importance of blog commenting. Blog commenting isn’t there just to help other bloggers promote their work – in fact, that really isn’t one of the most important reasons why blog commenting exists in the first place. Blog commenting features are in existence to help the author of the blog realize their content is being read by others in their niche. Bloggers don’t exactly want to just assume their content is being read by others and is considered useful to other in the niche. Writers hope for others to inform them that they enjoyed reading their content or reply to their posts asking follow-up questions. Writers however are not hoping to see vague blog commenting that more or less are there to promote another blog. People won’t notice you if all you have in your mind is blog promotion when you are blog commenting and you need to fully understand that long before you actually start commenting on blogs to begin with.


Help Create a Discussion with Blog Commenting

When blog commenting on another blog in your niche, focus on creating a discussion more than promoting your own blog. Focus on writing a contributing comment that enables others to further discuss the added content that you are contributing to the blog post. Ask questions to other readers as well as the author of the blog post. Ask good questions that other people would likely want to know the answers to. See, if you create a great and long discussion on a blog post, not only will the author of the post take notice of you but so will all the other readers who surf the blog commenting of that post. The more contributing you are with blog commenting, the more your name and essentially your linked blog will be noticed by others. Be sure to converse with readers and the post author in a friendly manner – speak to them not at them and imagine if you were speaking to your best friends one on one.


Spamming vs. Blog Commenting

One thing you don’t want to do is accidentally make yourself look like a spammer because this mistake is often hard to recover from. I tell all new bloggers not to spam when they are starting out and asking how to promote their blogs. See, spamming is not only unethical but it is annoying as hell to look at and be around and blog post authors will often not even approve it or anything else you have to say on their blog. Creating new comments with lines like “Nice post!” or “Great blog, check out my blog!” isn’t that contributing, it falls more along the lines of what a spammer would say. Once you are seen as a spammer, it often sticks with you for your entire career within the blog niche so it is something you want to avoid from the get go! Being identified as a spammer is one of the worst mistakes that you can ever make as a blogger and 99.9% of the time, it ruins your blogging career. Don’t be a spammer!


Blog Commenting is the Last Step

Blog commenting isn’t the first step of this strategy! The first step is actually reading first and then commenting later. You should read not only the blog article in full but the other comments that others have made before actually commenting on the blog yourself. You need to fully understand the topic that you want to comment about before you know what to say exactly. You also should read other comments made on the blog so you don’t mistakenly create a discussion that is already in progress or has already been resolved. If you don’t read the post and the comments made and you make a mistake in your own blog commenting, you might be quickly seen as someone who either doesn’t know what they are saying or is just there to promote their link.


Blog Commenting on Your Blog

Ask yourself this question: What kind of comments would you like to see the most on your blog? I hope to see comments where people are sharing their experience based on the subject of the post I have written. I like to see comments where people are asking questions for me to answer to help them out with their issues. I like to see comments where people are suggesting I write about similar issues that they would love to know about which essentially gives me more blog post ideas. I like to see comments that spark a long-lasting intelligent discussion which in return, sparks the interests of even more readers to leave a comment of their own on the subject. Ask yourself this question: What kind of comments do you not want to see on your blog? I don’t want to see vague one-line comments on my posts. I don’t want to see someone asking me to look at their site but not contributing anything to the discussion. I don’t want to see spam or comments that don’t contribute to the subject of the post. Before blog commenting on another blog – ask yourself if you would want to see a comment like yours on your own blog and then consider if you should post it or not.


Thanks for reading my article about promoting your blog by using a blog commenting strategy. I really do hope this article helps you with your own blog commenting strategies while also helping you help a fellow blogger with contributing comments added to their blogs. If you like what you see here, motivate me to continue writing more useful topics by sharing this post with others. Share this post with other bloggers and especially share this post on your favorite social network sites such as Pinterest, Google Plus, Facebook and even Twitter!


Your turn to comment!


How often do you turn to blog commenting to promote your blog? Do you actually come back to your comment off and on to see if you are getting responses to it? What has been the longest amount of time and effort that you have spent on a blog post continuing to discuss the subject with other readers by blog commenting?


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