Blog Facebook Pages: How are they helpful to writers?

Have you got on the bandwagon with creating blog Facebook pages yet?


Blog Facebook pages are fairly successful for writers wanting to market their content so you should consider creating one for you blog if you haven’t done so already. Blog Facebook pages are free too and as a blogger and a content writer, you probably enjoy benefiting on free sources of traffic and potential income starters. By creating blog Facebook pages, you and other bloggers can tap into larger niche markets and reach more audience participates. Managing blog Facebook pages isn’t going to be that difficult of a task either – so what do you have, to lose?


Blog Facebook Pages


Build Blog Facebook Pages with Exclusive Materials

One way to make the most out of blog Facebook pages is to create them with exclusive materials, content and information that only readers will get from your blog Facebook pages. For example, you can create special coupons, contests and deals for your Facebook page fans that they can only find on your Facebook page. The idea is to develop a community with your page so that many participate and in return, many people will see your blog content that you are also linking to on your Facebook page.


Blog Facebook Pages are Idea Generators

You can use blog Facebook pages to generate new ideas for content on your blog. They don’t call Facebook a social network for no reason at all – people and members of the social giant are actually socializing with one and other. If you develop an active Facebook page, you can ask questions and spark serious discussions on specific topics about your niche and discover the kind of answers people are looking for based on what they are asking and that will give you even more ideas to turn into new articles for your blog. Your Facebook fans are then waiting for those answers right on the page.


Blog Facebook Pages are great for Building Trust

Your blog Facebook pages are awesome outlets for developing trust of you and your brand in your target audience market. For example, you can spotlight your most loyal and active fans by starting a “Reader of the Month” competition where you spotlight your blog readers who comment the most or contribute the most quality content in the comments section. When fans start to take notice that you are taking notice of them, they will trust you more because you are actually really listening to what they have to say on your blog and you are treating their words as useful information. People enjoy attention, give it to them and they will love you for it.


Use Blog Facebook Pages to Befriend Other Experts

Blog Facebook pages are also great sources of networking in your blogging niche. The trick is to find other experts and authorities in your niche and network with them by promoting their tactics, articles and ideology on your Facebook page. Most bloggers and experts have applications setup to be notified when they are mentioned on the internet – by mentioning them in a positive manner on your Facebook page, once they notice it, it will be seen as you promoting them and they will likely connect with you afterwards. Do this enough and you will probably make a best friend out of other experts in your niche and then their fans will start to notice you, your brand and your blog in the process.


Use Blog Facebook Pages to Increase Product Sales

Are you trying to sell your blog niche eBook? Are you trying to sell software related to your niche? How about premium blog membership? You can use blog Facebook pages to sell your blog products by reaching more people in the niche market. You can also boost your status updates by turning them into Facebook advertisements if you have a budget to spend on your Facebook marketing efforts. The trick though is getting fans into a buying mood and getting them to trust buying from you. You can do this by developing friendships with your fans, never misleading them and remaining professional but personal with all participants on your blog Facebook pages.


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Bad Social Media Promotion Tactics that You Should Avoid!

Are you using any bad social media promotion tactics at all? Do you even know what the bad social media promotion tactics out there are?


Using bad social media promotion tactics for your blog will result in failure. Bad social media promotion tactics are just like bad search engine optimizations tactics – they are Black Hat and they are forbidden by social media and most search engines. It is important that you understand what bad social media promotion tactics there are so that you can avoid using them on your blog. In this article, I will show you the worst tactics to consider using on social media for marketing your blog…


Bad Social Media Promotion


Bad Social Media Promotion Tactics #1 – Fake Followers

You’ve seen those services for paying $10 to get 10,000 social media followers, right? How about those websites where you like someone’s social page and they like yours back? These kinds of services are perfect examples of bad social media promotion tactics and they will not do any good for your blog what so ever. Why? Because buying or trading fans is meant for nothing but statistics – if you buy 10,000 likes, most of those likes are from freelancers trying to earn an extra dollar or bots, none of those users will likely ever even visit your blog of the page every again. And here’s the thing, this practice is so abused that the common non-marketer knows when social pages practice this and they avoid those pages – don’t make your pages be pages to avoid because of a stupid choice to cheat social fanship.


Bad Social Media Promotion Tactics #2 – Automation Programs

Automation program usage isn’t a good tactic because it says that you’re a lazy and that you are not an active social page owner. Automation programs are programs that you use to automatically like/follow and unlike/unfollow social members, post on your behalf and keep your pages active without you actually having to be there. This is bad because you aren’t controlling anything and its cheating plain and simple. Why have a robot do everything for you when you can be active and see successful results instead? People don’t want to like a page that is ran by a bot – they want to like a page with an active page owner so they can be social with them – thus is why we call it a social network!


Bad Social Media Promotion Tactics #3 – Fake Accounts

Fake accounts made to give yourself likes or make reviews to trick other people on social media are bas social media promotion tactics that you should know better than to use. Most social networks have rules against creating more than one account and violating those rules are bad tactics in the first place, let alone violating them for the purpose of Black Hat social media optimization. Instead of giving your own blog reviews under a fake account, why not go out there and seek reviews from actual real fans who want to help you and your blog out? Real reviews are a lot better than fake reviews and then you will actually know if your blog and social media position is actually worth continuing.


Bad Social Media Promotion Tactics #4 – Spamming Others

Bad social media promotion tactics include spamming social users. By social marketing, I don’t mean that you should join social media and then start posting your blog link on every page, group and profile that you find and visit – social media marketing is more about building an audience through your reputation and authority. Instead of spamming everyone and making them hate you, share links that are actually relevant to what is being discussed in the social environment. You should always ask a question along with sharing your links and try to create a discussion on the subject so that you actually contribute rather than spam your potential readers and followers. You need to make sure you are active on social media as well because if you just visit every now and then and post a link – you will probably gain the title of being a spammer.


Bad Social Media Promotion Tactics #5 – Bad Competition

Bad competition tactics on social media are the equivalent of bad social media marketing tactics – you just shouldn’t partake in that sort of practice. It’s immoral; it’s unethical, it’s just not right! What am I talking about, you ask? I’m talking about writing bad reviews about your blogging competition or doing anything via the social web to destroy the reputation and authority of your competition. Social media is about reputation development not reputation disablement. By attempting to harm the reputation of your competition, you risk getting caught by your and their fans – if that happens, it might be reversed onto you and your blog and you might lose a lot of the trust that people once had in you. Leave your competition alone and worry you and your blog!


Bad Social Media Promotion Tactics Will…

Using bad social media promotion tactics will always do more significant harm to you and your blog than good. Using Black Hat tactics will ruin the trust that readers and fans had in you and that you severely take a toll on your online and social reputation. Black Hat social marketing is also bad for search engine optimization as Google and others will treat social media like any other website, if you abuse it, they might penalize you for it. Lastly, if you lose trust, you lose traffic and you lose sales – then why even bother continuing to blog after that?


Now over to you, my friend!

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Bad Blog Income Earning Tactics that You Should Avoid!

Are you using bad blog income earning tactics to make money with your blog?


First of all, it is important to understand what bad blog income tactics are out there so that you know what to avoid. Bad blog income earning tactics will result in earning ZERO income because you are slowly giving yourself a horrible name and killing any trust people had in you to begin with. Some bad blog income earning tactics are so terrible that they are illegal and the end result could be paying out a lot of money, more than you earned or even going to prison for violating the law. In this article, I’ll show you four different bad blog income earning tactics that you should always avoid…


Bad Blog Income Earning


Bad Blog Income Earning Tactics #1: Lying

Lying is one of the worst types of bad blog income earning tactics that you could ever partake in. Most of time, lying is considered so unethical and immoral that it might even be illegal and a form of computer fraud. Lying can result in you going to prison or paying horrible fines and lawsuits. If you lie and get caught, you kind of deserve what you get. Plus lying destroys any trust and reputation that you had before getting caught. Never lie to and/or mislead your audience and/or clients in relation to making money with your blog if you actually want to make money with your blog.


Bad Blog Income Earning Tactics #2: Overselling

We see overselling a lot with web hosting services. They offer a crap load of features and an impossible amount of space (like unlimited) for such a low cost that it almost seems impossible. The thing is – it is impossible. You don’t get unlimited spam – unlimited is a misleading word that marketers use in an attempt to get you to buy things from them. It is wrong! It is misleading! It should be illegal! So instead of offering a bunch of stuff that you know you can’t literally offer, in an attempt to earn money with your blog, why not just be truthful about it instead?


Bad Blog Income Earning Tactics #3: Underselling

Underselling is also a bad tactic – when you keep lowering your price to beat competition or attempt to earn more customers. Instead of losing profit potential by underselling, why not increase your profit by adding value, instead? For example, if you offer advertising for $25 a month and you’re not getting that many clients – instead of cutting your profit away by decreasing the monthly sale price, add value to it as an alternative. For example – tell clients that when they purchase ads, they get a 7 day refund period and that you will also share their ad on social media as well. Add some value to actually make the income earning method worthy enough to encourage people to buy into it.


Bad Blog Income Earning Tactics #4: Disregarding Rules

Disregarding rules in attempt to earn more is a great example of one of those bad blogging income earning tactics that you should avoid. If a website says that you are not supposed to advertise your commercial blog service on their site, don’t advertise it because that’s the rules and violating them might give you the title of being a spammer. The same goes for ad network rules, do what Google Adsense has asked you to do when using their advertisements on your blog in attempt to earn revenue – don’t be clicking on your ads when you know you’re not supposed to. Rules are made for a reason regardless if they get in the way of you making money or not with your blog.


So what do you think about all this?

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2015 Blogging Success Steps Article Series Now Completed

Last week ended my 2015 Blogging Success Steps article series. I featured five articles about 2015 blogging success including articles on income earning, social marketing, authority development, niche blogging and WordPress. The 2015 blogging success steps article series wasn’t one of my longer blog series but I feel those articles could very well be helpful for you and your 2015 blogging success. I do hope you enjoyed reading them – here is a recap of the articles I wrote for you…


2015 Blogging Success


2015 Blogging Success – Article #1: Earning an Income with Your Blog

Earning an income would be a brilliant 2015 blogging success step, don’t you think? Most everyone who starts their own blog would like to consider earning income from it at some point in their blogging career. Earning an income with blogging can be useful as an actual job as much as it can be useful to help pay the hosting and domain costs of your blog. In this article, I show you five different steps on earning an income with your blog.


2015 Blogging Success – Article #2: Marketing Your Blog on Social Media

Social media marketing should be a 2015 blogging success goal for many different reasons. For one thing, it is important to connect with other niche experts and authorities in your niche market and I can almost say for certain that they are waiting for you on social media. Another important reason to market on social media is because of the vast amount of niche users that constantly use social media like Facebook and Twitter each and every day. In this article, I’ve put five simple steps to social media marketing success.


2015 Blogging Success – Article #3: Developing Authority with Your Blog

Authority development success in 2015 would be a big 2015 blogging success to obtain. Authority is your expertise and reputation over your blogging niche. It is very important that people know who you are, what your blog is and how you and your blog are connected to the niche market that you are targeting with your content. So I wrote an article including five easy to duplicate, simple steps on developing your authority in your own blogging niche.


2015 Blogging Success – Article #4: Niche Market Ideas for Your Own Blog

What is 2015 blogging success without an actual blog to begin with? You need to figure out what sort of blog to start before you even wonder about 2015 blogging success and other topics. But figuring out what niche to cover can be overwhelming at times. So I wrote an article showing you five different niche markets to potentially create a blog in so that you too can have 2015 blogging success.


2015 Blogging Success – Article #5: WordPress Blogging Tips for WordPress Bloggers

Most of us are seeing our 2015 blogging success through the use of WordPress self-hosting blogging software. WordPress is a fairly simple blogging software platform to use but some features don’t simply get the coverage they deserve when it comes to blogging tips. So I wanted to write this article to show you five great tips about WordPress that are often overlooked but so important to a blogger who is using the WordPress software.


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WordPress Blogging Tips: 5 Steps of Success in 2015

Can you honestly say that you are sick of WordPress blogging tips?


I assume you said, no! WordPress blogging tips will continue to allow you to get better at using WordPress and exceling yourself as a blogger in your niche market. It is 2015 and you deserve to have great success by accepting the challenges of WordPress blogging tips, right?


So this is the last post in my 5 Steps of Success in 2015 blog series focusing on blogging success for 2015. Today I will be leaving you with 5 great WordPress blogging tips that I hope you can find as useful as I have over the years…


Wordpress Blogging Tips


WordPress Blogging Tips #1: Install Yoast SEO

I have decided to add installing Yoast SEO to my WordPress blogging tips list simply because it’s worth installing on your blog. Yoast SEO is your all-in-one search engine optimization bundle with a little bit of love added to it. I’ve never seen any other SEO plugin perform like Yoast does and it’s highly recommended by other bloggers out there as well. With Yoast SEO, you can target a specific keyword or keywords and literally, see how all the features benefit the use of that keyword(s) on your post. It will even tell you if your post is easy to read – its feature packed and it’s free, so what do you have to lose?


When using Yoast SEO, use all the features wisely and check their blog for explanations about some features that you might not understand. I would suggest ignoring the “Meta Keywords” feature though because hardly any search engine even recognizes that specific string of Meta-data anymore. In fact, using it could harm your ranking by singling out other potential keywords that could do better for your blog post.


WordPress Blogging Tips #2: Schedule Blog Posts

The scheduling feature on WordPress also makes my WordPress blogging tips list because it’s pure awesomeness to have around on your blog. Take this post for example – did I actually write it today? No, I didn’t. I wrote this post on January 2, 2015 and then added it to schedule on this day, three weeks after I wrote it. I like to stay ahead of schedule with my blog posts because I write for other blogs and it’s just easier for bloggers to remain ahead of schedule. If I get sick of writing for a couple of days, I can take a break because I always have posts scheduled a month ahead each day. Without the post scheduling feature on WordPress, I honestly think blogging would be a lot more chaotic.


Scheduling a post is pretty simple, too. While in your WordPress “add new” editor for creating your post, the scheduling options are right there on the right-hand side of your post editor text-area. You can set a custom date for your post. You can also set a custom time for your post as well. I like to schedule all my posts to post about noonish my time (CST). The post scheduling feature is extremely simple to use and should never be ignored by expert bloggers like you and I.


WordPress Blogging Tips #3: Check out Divi

I have to add Elegant Themes to my list of WordPress blogging tips for many different reasons but the main reason is Divi. Divi is a new theme and framework creating by Elegant Themes that you should check out if you haven’t already. Divi allows you to actually have a blog theme that matches your wants and likes of a WordPress theme. For example, it has a built in drag and drop page creation feature that allows you to make elegant and awesome looking pages on your blog. Check out the pages on this blog and tell me if they aren’t unique comparing what you can do with just a simple free WordPress theme.


If you’re going to spend money on WordPress themes, I recommend Elegant Themes more than any other theme website on the market. There are plenty of other paid theme sites, frameworks and other options out there but for under $100 a year, you get access to all sorts of themes that you can use on unlimited amounts of your blog plus Divi which tops all the themes on Elegant Themes in my personal opinion.


WordPress Blogging Tips #4: Create a Start Page

Start pages has also made my WordPress blogging tips list because of their effectiveness. A start page is a custom page where you allow your readers to have starting point on your blog. For example, you might feature some of your best written work on your blog start page or you might include links to your free eBooks. Chances are, you are not writing each blog post to be in order of the last so you are going to have a lot of beginner and advanced posts scattered all about your blog – a start page will allow you to organize some of your best content and display it for new readers to take advantage of and find exactly what they are looking for.


Don’t treat a start page as a static page, though.  What I mean by this is don’t create a start page and then never updated it again thereafter. When you create your start page, create it with the best possible content that you have ever written. However, don’t assume that content will be the best you will ever write – keep writing awesome content afterwards. Then every so often, update your start page with other great content you have written on your blog. Keep your start page active and unique to keep people interested in viewing it.


WordPress Blogging Tips #5: Join Serious Bloggers

I’m going to plug my own websites here – Serious Bloggers Forum. I’ve added Serious Bloggers to the WordPress Blogging Tips list because I am serious about Serious Bloggers – hahaha! No really though, I cater my Serious Bloggers forum to WordPress bloggers and in fact welcome them to become the majority member (but I’m not singling out you Blogger, Tumbler and other folks either). Serious Bloggers is a message forum community focusing of the discussion of serious blogging by serious bloggers. No matter if you are brand new to blogging or a well-known expert, I welcome you to join.


Serious Bloggers is free to join and there are not hidden fees or anything like that. I encourage you to join and support my forum by posting often and inviting other bloggers that you know to join as well. I would love to see Serious Bloggers turn into a really nice blogging forum community. With your help, we can make that happen!


Your turn to comment, my friend!

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Blogging Niche Market Ideas: 5 Steps of Success in 2015

Are you an aspiring blogger with no blogging niche market ideas?


It’s 2015; you should have plenty of blogging niche market ideas to choose from. If you don’t, not to worry because after reading this post, you should have a couple of new blogging niche market ideas. Now too further this blog post, to figure out the best blogging niche market ideas possible for you to acquire works best when you figure out what passions you have for a niche are beforehand. In order to truly succeed in niche blogging, you need to be able to devote passion into the niche you are writing about so that your interest in it can keep you going strong.


This blogging niche market ideas post is a part of my 5 steps of success in 2015 articles series I am doing this week. I hope you enjoy this post and I hope it helps you gain new blogging niche market ideas so you can start blogging today…


Blogging Niche Market Ideas


Blogging Niche Market Ideas #1: Health Blogging

Health, fitness and wellness blogging is probably one of the most profitable and marketable blogging niche market ideas that you can work with. Obesity and disease is at an all-time high these days so everyone is usually looking for a way to be healthier, lose weight and prevent injuries and sickness so they can live a longer and fuller life. You can help people live longer by integrating passion and health blogging into your writing with a health related blog niche.


Experience means everything when focusing on blogging niche market ideas in the health and fitness markets. What are you doing to stay healthy and stay in shape? Do you know a lot about what you are doing? Can you help others do exactly what you are doing and see successful results from doing so? If you said yes to these questions – then health blogging is right up your alley and you should seriously consider it.


Blogging Niche Market Ideas #2: Relationship Blogging

Relationship blogging is another one of those popular niche markets to get into in 2015. Most people cannot stand to be alone but some struggle to socially connect and develop relationships with other people. If you find it easy to find a love life or even to create new friendships with other people, then relationship blogging should be at the top of your blogging niche market ideas list. If you can help others meet others they want to be around, why not blog about it?


The trick in making relationship blogging a successful blogging niche is to provide useful information that is easy to duplicate. So basically, you want to write articles to show people how to become friends with another person or how to start a successful online dating profile and so on and so on. You can write tip after tip but if you can truly lead someone to success, imagine the potential for word-of-mouth marketing that you could be creating!


Blogging Niche Market Ideas #3: Financial Blogging

Financial blogging is one of the better blogging niche market ideas to consider because in times like these, money and finance is extremely important. We need to keep spending money to help stimulate our national economies and to keep businesses in business. However, we are careful or wish to be more careful these days with rising costs, decreased stock market growths and an increase in debt. If you want to be a successful financial blogger, then you need to show people how to be smart about their financial choices – that is what people are looking for.


Tap into markets where people need to help and assistance. For example, if someone has huge amounts of debt, they might turn to bloggers to show them how to get out of debt – maybe one of those bloggers could be you. Maybe someone is looking for articles on starting up their home business from scratch without having to spend that much capital on it – you could show them how to do just that with your financial blog. The key is helping people have better results with their financial needs.


Blogging Niche Market Ideas #4: Hobby Blogging

Hobby blogging is probably one of the best types of blogging niche market ideas out there in the blogosphere. We all hobbies, interests and likes that we are very passionate about! I myself love bicycling – I road bike anywhere from 20 to 110 miles in one day at times. I am very passionate about cycling and so passionate that I have a blog for it. If you have a hobby that you love, you can start a blog for it and show others how to love it just like you do.


When focusing on a hobby blog, try to become an expert at that hobby. An expert will be able to be a lot more helpful to a niche market than an amateur would. I suggest you do experiments and measure the record the results for your article, read books and other blogs about your hobby, join forums and social media and become known in your hobby and try to be the first to announce updates and news around your hobby. The more you know about the hobby, the more helpful and useful you can be to your niche market.


Blogging Niche Market Ideas #5: Personal Blogging

Personal blogs these days are not a bad niche to get into. Most of the time, with a personal blog, you are blogging using a domain name of your own name and you are branding your name in the process. With personal blogging, you can focus on a specific niche and create yourself as an expert of that niche or you can blog about several topics like traditional personal bloggers have done for years. The benefit of personal blogging is that you usually don’t have to focus on one specific niche or subject and that opens you up to more audience markets and more opportunities to earn income and so on.


Remember that when personal blogging using your name, you need to remain positive and professional. It you give yourself a bad name on the internet, you will likely have a bad name off the internet as well. Most employers, potential business partners and even clients might look you up on the internet. If they see anything that they don’t like – it could harm your chances of being associated or connected with them. Be careful when sharing your opinions, beliefs and view on specific topics that are often problematic or dramatic.


So what do you think about all this?

What blogging niche market ideas would you have added to this list if you could have added some more? Was this article helpful to you? If so, please support me for writing this article and providing it for free. You can support me by sharing this article with other bloggers and especially on your favorite social media websites.


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Blogging Authority Development: 5 Steps of Success in 2015

How is your blogging authority development success in 2015?


Blogging authority development is very important because as a niche authority, you are showing potential readers that you know what you are talking about in your blog posts. Authority creates trust and trust creates successful marketing, expertise and even profit. By not increasing the success of your blogging authority development tactics, you are simply singling yourself out in your niche market because your competitors are likely doing more than you are doing at this point.


Its 2015 and niche markets are growing more and more which is making competition harder for those who are unknown in their niche markets. It is very important that you work on being known. This week I am covering articles about being successful with blogging – today will be all about blogging authority development and how you can make it a successful strategy in 5 simple steps…


Blogging Authority Development


Blogging Authority Development Step #1: Innovation is required

Innovation is a key step in successful blogging authority development. When you are innovative, you are taking things to the next level while being unique. To be innovative in blogging is to be creative and full of ideas. If you constantly get ideas and can creatively make them happen, then you are a champion of innovation and that alone can bring your blogging authority development strategies to the next level in your niche market. A creative thought should never be wasted especially for a blogger like you.


For better results, consider combining your innovation with strategy. Strategically plan all forms on innovation on your blog. Create goals and objectives for every idea you have for your blog and to increase your blogging authority development tactics. To be strategically inclined is to have a plan and tools ready for a specific event long before the event actually happens. Strategy opens up the possibility for you to be able to predict the future of your blog and how you develop your niche authority.


Blogging Authority Development Step #2: Invention is required

Invention is just as important as innovation when it comes to blogging authority development. To be an inventor of something is to be an expert of that something. If you create a product or method, you are seen as the expert of it because you created it. If you want blogging authority development to be successful in 2015, then consider creating something new that no one has done but your niche really needs. This could be the key to your success as a niche blogging authority in your market.


Inventing something doesn’t mean it has to be something physical. If you have the capital and the know-how, do make something physical because it could result in more money and better blogging authority development. However, you can create other things as well that are not so physical. Software and applications is a popular market to invent it. Invent strategies, methods and techniques and put them together in your blog posts, eBooks and guides. You could even invent a new website or service that caters to your niche. The options have no limits when it comes to inventing things.


Blogging Authority Development Step #3: Networking is required

Networking will take you a long way into blogging authority development because you are gaining the chance to meet new people in your niche market. Networking is when you find other experts and authorities in your niche market and you connect with them and collaborate with them as well. You should always actively seek more experts in your niche market to connect and network with because the more people that you know and the more people that know you – the more your fans and their fans will see you as an expert of the niche. Don’t be shy, get out there and meet others now!


How can you find others to network with, though? Easy! Find out where your niche market “hangs out at” online and you will find other experts and authorities around that area. Social media is probably going to be one of your best areas to explore. You can also find experts on Google Search by searching for other blogs and websites about your niche. Message forums and social groups usually also cater to a lot of experts in a niche market. Find these experts, befriend them and collaborate so their fans actually take notice of you and your expertise of the niche market.


Blogging Authority Development Step #4: Trust is required

Trust is a key to success in blogging authority development tactics. The only way that people are going to consider you a niche authority is if they trust you, right? So of course it is important to earn and gain the trust of your readers, fans, other experts and clients that cater to your blogging market. One way to develop strong trust is to make every effort you can in befriending other folks in your niche – fans, readers, experts and so on will make great friends to help your blogging authority development tactics lead you to authority development success.


When befriending another person on the internet, treat it like you would when befriending anyone online or offline. You don’t want to come off as being fake or just being their friend so they see you as an expert because there is nothing realistic about that. Don’t be a fake, be a real friend instead. If you fake your way through something, you always risk getting caught and that will dramatically destroy your niche reputation and make you into an untrustworthy component of your blogging market. Actually get out there with the intent to become “best friends forever” with those you are targeting in the niche.


Blogging Authority Development Step #5: Activity is required

Have you ever heard the story about the reclusive blogger who quietly gained massive authority in his blogging market? No? Well, that does make sense seeing as there is no such story! In order to be successful at blogging authority development, you have to be known! The only way to be known is to be extremely active in your niche market. Yes I did say extremely active and I meant it. If you truly want to excel in a niche market and become an authority, you will have to devote time and lot of it on developing your authority. There is no room for weekend warriors or the occasional blogger when it comes to blogging authority development.


Treat blogging like it is your business and treat it like it’s paying your bills. The only way to truly devote a majority of activity into something is to treat it like you depend on it. You also need to really be researching and learning more about your niche so you can continue to develop your authority more and have plenty of ideas for more content creation, marketing and related blogging authority development efforts.


How do you feel about Blogging Authority Development?

So what are your thoughts on the importance of blogging authority development strategies? What are you doing to develop authority in your blogging niche market? Was this post helpful to you at all? If yes, please share it with other bloggers and on social networks to help support me for writing it.


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Blogging Social Marketing: 5 Steps of Success in 2015

Are you successful with your blogging social marketing tactics now that its 2015?


Successful blogging social marketing is very important for you as a blogger because social media is where it’s at when it comes to authority and traffic. Your niche audience is usually on social media more than anywhere else so you need to develop your authority so they recognize you on then visit your blog. Blogging social media success shouldn’t be like pulling teeth – it’s easy to master as long as you commit time and energy into it.


This week I am covering a series of articles focusing on blogging success in 2015. Today, the topic is blogging social marketing. I will show you how to successfully market your blog on social media in 5 simple steps…


Blogging Social Marketing


Blogging Social Marketing Step #1: Utilize Social Markets

If you are not using blogging social marketing tactics to develop authority and blog traffic – you’re seriously missing out on a grand opportunity. So what you need to do be doing now is getting on social media and creating pages and profiles for your blog. You need to be active on social media even more than you are on your own blog because that is where your audience is likely to be. All ages, cultures, religions and types of people are usually on social media each and every day – are you a part of that?


Now don’t make the mistake of just joining the big social networks. Sure, you do need to develop an active and known presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, YouTube and the other big names in social media – but the little guys have a big opportunity included with them. If you are first in your niche market to become active on a smaller social network, then their first audience markets are going to see you and your blog first. If that social network makes it big, you get to be first and reap the rewards of being first to market on the social network for your niche.


Blogging Social Marketing Step #2: Develop Social Communities

Developing communities on social networks will help increase blogging social marketing success. Don’t assume that you can just join a social network, create a profile, automatically post blog updates through RSS and then expect a lot of new readers to come check out your blog. That is a fairytale of an assumption and simply impossible as a result. You need to be active on social media; you need to develop an active community within your social environments. Social media will be a lot like running an additional website – you have to nurture it like you would your blog otherwise blogging social marketing success will be impossible to achieve.


When focusing on blogging social marketing, remember that the “get away” method applies to everything. You will have to get away from your blog to market your blog on social media. You will have to get away from your social media page or profile to continue to market your blog on social media. With that – be sure to join other communities focusing on your niche market throughout a social network so you can get your name and your blog out on these other communities which will essentially increase your blogging social marketing success.


Blogging Social Marketing Step #3: Connect Socially with Experts

One of the greater reasons to focus on blogging social marketing strategies is because other experts and authorities are also doing it as well. Meeting and forming relationships with other experts in your niche market should be a priority for you as a niche blogger. When you connect with other experts, you are potentially connecting with that expert’s fan base as well and that could enable you to lead their fans to your blog and content. More fans of your niche means more readers, more comments and potentially more sales if you are trying to earn a profit with your blog.


When attempting to increase blogging social marketing success by connecting with other experts, connect with those like you would any sort of friend. If you just focus on the connection for a marketing sense, it’s going to look and feel fake to the expert you are connecting with. Befriend your fellow expert and actually develop a great relationship with them and you will soon find yourself seeing way more success than you probably originally expected. We humans, we thrive on actual true friendship!


Blogging Social Marketing Step #4: Refrain from Automation

Automation with blogging social marketing strategies are not successful tactics. Automation is a failure waiting to happen. Instead of automatically posting your blog articles through some script, why not manually post them? It is realistic looking because guess what? It’s real! It’s also realistic looking to actually try to get likes and social fans on your own because it’s real – verses using some sort of paid like service that sends a bunch of bots to your social page that are actually never going to read your page again. Automated blogging social marketing strategies are begging for failure.


Automation will result in failure simple because it becomes monotonous. If you have an automated system, then over and over again, the same automation is going to occur. There is no innovation in that and there are no changes that will induce excitement within your niche. If you are doing everything manually, you can offer new tactics and awesomeness each time you login to your social properties. Automation is just being lazy and once your audience figures it out that you are automating, which they will, they will probably see you as a lazy blogger. Is automation worth that?


Blogging Social Marketing Step #5: Create Exclusive Materials

When doing blogging social marketing tactics, content is very important. You are told to be unique and useful with your blog content, right? It is because no one wants to be exposed to the same thing more than once – people seek something new. The same theory goes with social media marketing tactics! You need to be fresh, unique and useful with your blogging social marketing techniques in order to catch the attention of those you are trying to target for with your blog. If you post the same thing that the other guy is posting, why would I want to read it if I have already read it before?


Mix it up when posting to your social profiles! Every post or status update you create shouldn’t be a link back to your blog because it looks like spam, it looks like desperation, and it looks like monotony. So mix your exclusive unique content up a bit. Instead of posting a link back to your blog articles each and every time you update your status, try posting other materials as well. Post links to other experts and reshare their materials – that will usually win their trust and help you succeed in networking. Post questions to your audience and form community discussions – you want to connect with your readers don’t you? Post things that are not directly related to your blog but still generate interest in your blog’s topic.


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Blogging Income Earning: 5 Steps of Success in 2015

What is your blogging income earning like now that its 2015?



We just made it to 2015, right? So now it’s the perfect time to check your blogging income earning results and see where you rate your blog. Blogging income earning is important to most bloggers, because we use the income to help pay the bills and even have something in our pockets. Blogging income earning is a good thing – we should be able to earn some revenue for all the hard work we put into our blogs and articles, right?



So this week, I am going to cover 5 posts focusing on 5 steps of success in 2015 – today is blogging income earning! Today’s article is about 5 steps to earning an income with your blog in 2015 because blogging income earning shouldn’t be rocket science…


Blogging Income Earning



Blogging Income Earning Step #1: Write Awesome Content

Writing awesome content will result in blogging income earning. This is because when you write awesome content, your readers have something to take away after reading posts on your blog. If you go about solving challenges and problems in your niche market and your readers appreciate it, they will likely come back for more. You will always need to write awesome content on your blog in order to keep readers coming back and for blogging income earning success.



But how do actually write awesome content that solves problems and challenges of the niche? Research will be your best friend when it comes to solving issues in your niche. Start researching for challenges and problems by looking at comments, question and answer sites, forums, other blogs and social media. Research ways to solve the challenges and problems and find a working method! Take your working method and interpret it by writing a blog post on it. Make sure it’s simple to understand and repeat so that your readers can easily make it happen for themselves. Do that and your content will be awesome and blogging income earning will be even more possible than it already is.



Blogging Income Earning Step #2: Develop Niche Authority

Developing niche authority goes along with writing awesome content and blogging income earning strategies. Trust is key to blogging income earning and you need to gain as much trust as you possibly can. You can solve main questions of your niche by writing awesome content with those answers but what if no one can find your solutions? You need to develop niche authority by getting away from your blog and out into the niche market. Social media, other blogs in comment areas, guest blogging, message forums and even meetup events are all great sources of external environments where you should be targeting for niche authority development. Connect with other experts and authorities and befriend them – their fans will then take notice of you and learn more about you as an authority of your niche market.



Being a niche market authority is tough work but you can do it. You always need to focus on developing your authority even more each time you do you blogging activities. One word of advice though, NEVER ever lie to your niche audience. Never mislead them by lying. If you lie and mislead your fans and they figure it out – do you propose they will continue to trust you? Lying is very bad when it comes to blogging and developing authority online. If anyone ever tells you that lying is a good authority development tactic – they are 100% dead wrong and trust me, lying will destroy you. Don’t lie, if you get caught, you will be seen as a liar and then you can forget about blogging income earning thereafter.



Blogging Income Earning Step #3: Increase Blog Traffic

I’m going to be straight up and honest with you about blogging income earning. Without traffic and lots of it, blogging income earning is going to be virtually impossible for you. You got to have traffic sources coming to your blog in order to seriously earn a good amount of money and profit. I mean it makes sense doesn’t it? Without traffic which is your readers and visitors, who else is going to pay the income for your earning sources? The more traffic you have, they better chance you will have in blogging income earning success. But you also need traffic that is actually related to your niche market too – traffic not interested in your market isn’t going to spend any money on something they are not interested in.



My suggestion to you as a blogger is focus on content and marketing for the first couple of years on your blog. You can stick up a few Google Adsense ad units for now to earn pennies in the background but your real earnings are going to happen once you actually start getting significant relevant traffic on your blog. Year #1 – Focus on content development; create rich quality and awesome blog posts, pages, article series, guides, eBooks and other forms of blog content that helps people in your niche. Year #2 – Focus on marketing your blog, developing niche authority and increasing your presence in the niche and the social media aspects of the niche. Year #3 – Focus on blogging income earning now that you have some awesome content and a presence in your niche market.



Blogging Income Earning Step #4: Increase Buying Mood

Are you always willing to spend your money at any given moment? Of course you aren’t – we all get into moods where we want to buy thing and then sometimes we don’t want to buy anything at all. Nowadays, people are more concerned about saving money than they are with spending money. So when it comes to blogging income earning, because of the times, it’s harder to make sales on your blog. Of course this doesn’t mean that blogging income earning success is impossible! This means that in order to earn successfully, you need to ensure that your visitors are in a buying mood. A lot of times, in order to increase a person’s buying mood, you need to do something to encourage them to want to buy something – call to action marketing might be a topic for you to look up for this goal.



As a tip, try to determine and remember the best times each year to really focus your efforts on sales. For example, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two days during the years when a majority of people online are out looking for the best deals and very much in the mood to spend their money. Focusing on periods of time where sales are likely can help you have more success in blogging income earning because people are in the mood to spend their money. However, a lot of these periods also include discounting so be ready to offer your products and paid services for a lower price than what you usually offer it for otherwise you could kill the buying mood of your audience willing to spend their money on your blog and services.



Blogging Income Earning Step #5: Value Turns Profit

Value will increase your abilities to be successful with blogging income earning strategies. Now value additions will not always be possible especially with most ad networks since you are not controlling the advertisements that are being displayed. However, if you are selling your own products like eBooks, courses, membership and other digital items or even physical items as well, since you control these products, you have opportunity to increase the value of your controlled products. People will usually spend money when there is added value to products they are interested in and in the mood to purchase. How can you make the product better? Ask yourself that questions each and every time you attempt to sell a product on your blog.



Don’t short yourself just to increase your blogging income earning success. What I mean by this is don’t lower your prices just to increase your chances at making a sale. Instead of lowering your ability to earn a profit, you should attempt to add more value to the product to make it look as if it is cheaper because the value will pay for itself. Keep a good price so you can earn a good profit but add extra value to the product so you can increase your chance to earn that profit.



Now over to you!

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Twitter Blog Promotion Strategy for Busy Bloggers


Do you have a Twitter blog promotion strategy? Do you even promote your blog on Twitter? Do you know what Twitter is?


If you said no to the three important questions above, then you surely are missing out on A LOT of readers on your blog. Twitter is used by millions upon millions of people including your competition, followers and potential fans. I’ll be honest, I get more reader conversions from Twitter than I do with Facebook and Google Plus combined. I honestly think that if I never used Twitter, many people wouldn’t know about my websites.


But if you’re a busy blogger, do you have time for Twitter? Remember – Twitter is a microblogging platform, from my view, Twitter was made for busy people like you – so yeah, you got time to use it and this is how you can have a Twitter blog promotion strategy as a busy blogger…


Twitter Blog Promotion Strategy


Twitter Blog Promotion Strategy Phase #1: Get on Twitter

The first step of having your own Twitter blog promotion strategy is to actually join Twitter. So as a busy blogger, something tells me that you are always going to be “on the run” dealing with other things concerning your blog and life. Go with mobile, then! Everyone has a smartphone, you probably do as well, if not, get one because it’s worth it for busy folks like you. Join Twitter from your smartphone and then your good – and you can also login to it from your computer and other devices as well.


Now when you join Twitter, this Twitter blog promotion strategy is for your blog so make sure you are joining Twitter for your blog. Use an email address that reflects your blog, use your blog name as your username and URL keyword, include your blog link on your profile and write a bio about your blog in the about area on your new Twitter profile. Upload a profile photo and header cover image reflecting your blog – make sure the images look awesome on Twitter and are eye catching. Generic images will not work.


Twitter Blog Promotion Strategy Phase #2: Posting Tweets

Now that you are on Twitter, you need to start tweeting which means posting status updates. Now what are you going to post? That is probably your main question. I suggest you post three types of tweets on your Twitter page: links to your blog posts/events, questions relating to your niche and retweets from other bloggers and fans in your niche market. Spread these types of tweets out, too. Don’t focus on one type for a long time and then move to the next type. Tweet several times a day, it doesn’t take long to do it, so being busy is great for Twitter.


Formatting your tweets is important. With Twitter, the shorter your tweet, the better off you will be. People don’t want to read a lot on Twitter, that wasn’t the reason it was made and Twitter only allows 140 or less characters in each tweet. So stick to short tweets, use a URL shortening service to make your links shorter and use eye catching and attention grabbing trigger keywords and images on your tweets because you want to grab the attention of your followers.


Twitter Blog Promotion Strategy Phase #3: Twitter Tools

As a Twitter user, you need to start using the tools of Twitter to help you with your Twitter blog promotion strategy. I’ll mention tweet promotion first which is Twitter’s advertising system, you promote a tweet for a fee and it gets reached to more people. I’ve heard a lot of success stories from those who use it but it depends on your niche and how much of your niche market fans are actively using Twitter. If all of them are on Twitter, use it because it’s a no brainer but if you don’t know, why take the risk when there are plenty of free tactics to use instead?


Now on to the other tools of Twitter! Hashtags which are these “#things”! The “pound sign” to all you old school people like me. So basically once you put a keyword or keywords (no spacing) into a hashtag, it turns it into a link that leads to all posts with the hashtag and also acts as a trend development system. You want to add at least hashtag, maybe two or three pending on your tweet’s content to each tweet you submit. Stay away from generic words like #and or words that are too broad like #icecream, be more sub-categorized and say #blueberryicecream.


Mentions are another tool to use on Twitter – those are @ (at symbol) and then a username of Twitter. Maybe you want to show a fan named John123 your new blog post via a tweet, you would include in the tweet @john123 which would send John123 an alert that you have mentioned their name on your tweet and they will be able to see that tweet. Now go mentioning people for every tweet you make because it might look like you are either spamming them or stalking them – two things you don’t want people to think about you. Just use common sense and your gut and you should be fine.


Assist others on Twitter to grab their attention and get them to start liking you enough to where they start to pay attention to what you have to tweet about. You can do this by choosing to “favorite” (the star icon) their tweets and “retweet” their content. When you favorite their tweets, they get an alert that you favored them. When you retweet, they get an alert and their tweet also shows up on your profile as something you have retweeted from them. Be sure to ask your followers to retweet your tweets as well which the simple saying “Please RT this”. People will retweet when you ask them to.


Twitter Blog Promotion Strategy Phase #4: Getting Followers

First thing first, don’t cheat at your Twitter blog promotion strategy! What do I mean by this? I mean don’t go buying Twitter followers. Don’t go joining Twitter follower exchange websites. Don’t try to get followers the lazy way of doing things. Why not? Because its fake and there is no end result. Let’s say you pay $100 for 50,000 followers (just guessing here). Those followers are probably a bunch of freelancers just looking for ways to get paid online and bots – they care nothing about what you tweet about and they probably won’t ever see it, either. You spent $100 on nothing. Don’t cheat, if you can’t do anything but cheat, you might as well trash your Twitter blog promotion strategy and forget about Twitter.


Now to actually get real followers – target Twitter members from your niche market. Find out who they are and where they are on Twitter and follow them. Start favoring their tweets, retweeting them and sending them praise through the mentioning features (@username). Most people on Twitter are generous enough to follow you back so start following people in your niche market and they will start following you back or win their follow-love over by giving them some friendly attention. Trust me, it will make you feel a lot better in the end, more than it would if you bought followers and wasted your time, effort and money on nonsense. That is how your Twitter blog promotion strategy works!


Your turn to comment, my friend!

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