Mastering Blogging Authority in 20 Simple Steps

Mastering blogging authority should be a task that you are working on from the start and launch of your blog, and maybe even sooner. If you are not mastering blogging authority at this time, follow these 20 easy-to-follow steps in mastering blogging authority and you will be well known in your blog niche before you know it and surrounded by readers and fans.


Mastering Blogging Authority


1 – Mastering Blogging Authority with Trust

The only way mastering blogging authority is going to work is if your readers can trust you. It is important that you always be honest and accurate with your information. Trust is a big thing in blogging. If you make your readers not trust you, you may have a very difficult time in regaining their trust and it might even be completely impossible to regain their trust at that.


2 – Mastering Blogging Authority with Confidence

The only way you will go about mastering blogging authority is when you are a confident blogger and a confident authority within your niche. You shouldn’t tell yourself that you want to try to become an authority. You need to tell yourself and believe that you are already an authority on your niche and that you are now just improving your expertise.


3 – Mastering Blogging Authority with Respect

Respect is a big deal in the blogosphere these days! Mastering blogging authority without following the guidelines on respect will be an impossible task for you. You need to respect others in the niche even if they are competing with you. You need to respect yourself. You need to respect the overall niche and its components in general.


4 – Mastering Blogging Authority with PR

Mastering blogging authority requires you to be a public relations expert! Bloggers are PR type people because they are speaking to the public about their trade, genre or niche. You should be mastering the arts of public relations and thus mastering blogging authority within your niche. Those who are anti-social are not going to make it in the blogosphere.


5 – Mastering Blogging Authority with Credit

Don’t be quick to take the credit for everything you do. If you make something new, sure you can take credit for that but be sure to give credit where credit is due as well. If you credit your fans for example, they will see an authority-type figure recognizing them for providing intelligence into their niche and that will give them a wonderful feeling and motivation to return to your blog.


6 – Mastering Blogging Authority with Mistakes

Admit mistakes when you make them! Admit when you are wrong about something! Mastering blogging authority doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect or hide your mistakes when you make them and you will probably make a couple of mistake in the long run of your niche career. People want to see realistic people who will admit when their wrong and not act like some sort of superman of the niche.


7 – Mastering Blogging Authority with Helpfulness

I’ve said it before and I will say it again… If you are not helping people with your blog, then you are a nobody in the blogging niche you write about. Its blunt and it might hurt your feelings a little bit for me to say that but it’s true! People are clicking on to your blog these days because they have problem to solve and they want to learn something new that they can relate to. If they get nothing in return after taking all that time to read your blog posts, why on earth would they find a need to return to your blog?


8 – Mastering Blogging Authority with Recognition

You need to know your fans because they consider you an authority. You also need to know your fans so you can blog exactly about what sort of helpful topics they are searching for. Make it an everyday effort to get to know your blog’s fans and even fans away from your blog within the niche. The more you know about your fans, the more you know how to please your fans.


9 – Mastering Blogging Authority with Shares

Share everything and never have a secret when mastering blogging authority in your blog’s niche. Share your own work, the work of others, secrets of success in the niche, your own private techniques and beyond. Share on your blog, on social media, on online communities and even off the internet in a local-based environment. Share, share and share some more!


10 – Mastering Blogging Authority with Listening

Be a listener of your blog niche when mastering blogging authority within it. People wants to discuss their issues and opinions and they crave those who will listen and let them speak. You should try to always be the person to listen and let niche followers speak about their problems, opinions and ideas about the niche.


11 – Mastering Blogging Authority with Authority

You should master your blog authority, be an authority and tell others that you are an authority of the niche. However, you need to make sure that your authority doesn’t go to your head and become ego instead. No one wants to be around a Mr. Know-It-All! No one wants to be around someone who claims they are smarter than everyone else. No one wants to be around a blog niche snob!


12 – Mastering Blogging Authority with Clearness

You need to be clear about everything you do within your blogging niche. You need to be a clear writer, speaker and authority within the niche. If niche followers have to really sit down and think about what you are saying and try to make sense of it, they might think you have no idea what you are saying and move on to another expert that can clearly paint a better picture for them. Everything you write about on your blog should be really easy to understand and take action with.


13 – Mastering Blogging Authority with Experts

I commonly recommend that bloggers become motivational speakers to a certain extent when they are mastering blogging authority with their niche. It is important for you to recognize other authorities in the blogging niche and make sure these authorities understand they are being recognized as an authority. Motivational speaking wise, I like to point out that everyone within the niche is some sort of authority based on what they do well within that niche and how they improve their authority with learning and hands on experience.


14 – Mastering Blogging Authority with Obstacles

When I road bike every day, I always hit obstacles whether it is traffic, stop lights, road construction or the need to take a break after climbing a huge hill. I always just wish I could jump on the bike and ride non-stop until I am finished but there is always obstacles. I always try to figure out how to eliminate these obstacles and have a better ride. This same concept goes hand in hand with blogging – if you eliminate obstacles of your blogging niche, you will be seen as an authority, a master authority of that niche.


15 – Mastering Blogging Authority with Friends

Mastering blogging authority doesn’t just focus on you! You need to focus on other authorities within the niche as well. Focus on your readers and the fans of your blog niche and their interests in the niche. Befriend them and be a big part of their lives at least within the realm of the blog niche. You should also look to befriend other master experts of the niche, aka other bloggers that blog about what you blog about. I’d rather be friends with my competition than be enemies.


16 – Mastering Blogging Authority with Networking

It is important that you network when mastering blogging authority in your niche. You need to network with other bloggers by exchanging guest posts and link shares. You need to network with your readers by replying to every comment they make on your blog even if it’s just to thank them for the comment. You need to master social networking, online community networking, media-based networking and so on. Every form of networking is going to get you one step closer at mastering blogging authority in your niche.


17 – Mastering Blogging Authority with Content

You need to actually be blogging in order to master your authority in blogging. Write as frequently as you can – at least once or twice a week or once a day if possible. Your content needs to be frequent, fresh and unique at all times. I shouldn’t read something on your blog and then turn around and read the same thing on someone else’s blog. You also need to be mastering content marketing tactics elsewhere as well like on other blogs through comments and guest submissions, forums, social networks, article sites and so on – get yourself and your content out there in the niche, everywhere in the niche!


18 – Mastering Blogging Authority with Books

Write eBooks! SERIOUSLY! If you become a writer of eBooks within your blog’s niche – people will really start to recognize you as an authority of that niche especially if you write about the topics that no one else is covering. Find a difficult subject or issues in the niche, research it, experiment with it, find an easy solution, write an eBook about it and then give the eBook away for free! People will be turning to you and your literature for the answers to their problems after you write an eBook or two about them.


19 – Mastering Blogging Authority with Inventions

Become an inventor in your blogging niche! Become an innovator in your blogging niche! Create a new trend or hot topic, be the first to do something significant! With the internet, it is very simple to innovate and invent something new for a certain or any niche, really. You can invent a new technique or strategy… You can invent a new application or software… You can invent a new product or service… Inventing something that no one else has yet invented will bring you to the top of the niche authority pyramid – there is no doubt about that!


20 – Mastering Blogging Authority with Local Authority

Don’t focus entirely on mastering blogging authority on the internet. You should also be mastering your authority locally as well. I am a cyclist and I want others to recognize my authority as an online cycling resource coach through my cycling blog. I focus online sure but I am also focusing on people I know off the internet and my hometown and region to be the guy to go to for help with their cycling and bicycle needs. Local authority can really boost your overall online authority and it gives you credible reviews and testimonials to show off to the internet world as well.


Thanks for reading my 20 step guide on mastering blogging authority within your niche. I hope these tips and resources were helpful for you. If they were, I ask that you show me a little support for providing them. You can do that by sharing this article with other bloggers and sharing a link to it on your favorite social networking sites as well.


Your turn to comment! Out of all 20 steps in mastering blogging authority, which ones would you say you do the most of? If you could add a 21st step to this article, what would it be?


Blog Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2014

Blog marketing trends are important to follow because they can be used to better market your own blog. Blog marketing trends are trends in marketing that a majority of bloggers are using and using with success so it’s only intelligent to follow successful bloggers and use the blog marketing trends they are using to get others to notice their blogs.


Blog Marketing Trends


Follow the blog marketing trends below which all of the blogging experts are raving about these days!


1 – Blog Marketing Trends on Content

Content is big area of blog marketing trends to focus on. In the old days, we used to write blogs like we wrote college papers. Writing everything in the third-person, citing our work and making things look as professional as possible especially for niche bloggers! Nowadays, readers don’t want to read college papers on blogs – they want to read something they can relate to. It’s important to capture the emotions of the reader by becoming personal with them based on the way you publish your content. How is this done? Simple – Write in the first person instead of the third-person, don’t worry about professionalism and write out the content as if you were talking to your best friend face to face. If your readers since that friendliness that you give your friends, I guarantee they will enjoy your content so much they will come back for more!


2 – Blogs Marketing Trends are Social

If you are not utilizing and optimizing on social media yet, then there is something terribly wrong with you! Don’t take offense to that but understand that you are missing out on extravagant blog marketing trends and losing all sorts of readers. In 2014 and beyond, social media is more important than it has ever been especially for bloggers. If you want your content to be seen by the world, social media is where it is going to happen the most. But you might think just by having a fan page on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus – that is enough? Well you would be dead wrong! You need to be as active or more active on your social media campaigns when comparing to your activity on your blog. You are no longer a web blogger, you are a social blogger and social media blog marketing trends are just as important, if not more important that all the other marketing trends out there.


3 – Blog Marketing Trends and Analytics

Understanding where your traffic is coming from and what type of traffic your blog is getting is just as important as all of the other blog marketing trends out there. In 2014, bloggers like us need to consider intelligence as an important tool to make our blogs shine in the spotlights of our niches. You need to study all aspects of statistics and analytics of your blog and understand what each of them mean, how they come to be and what steps you need to take to improve them. If any of your analytics are taking some form of downward spiral, then you are doing something wrong. Luckily analytics will show us bloggers when we are doing something wrong and we can watch ourselves improve our blog marketing strategies which the same system nonetheless. If you’re not using some kind of analytics program yet, then I stronger encourage you to get on Google Analytics or download and install Piwik today and start tracking your statistics like yesterday!


4 – Blog Marketing Trends are Mobile

If I click on to your blog using my smartphone, what will I see? Will I see a hard to navigate blog where it will require me to touch zoom in to even begin to try to read the content you have published? If this is the case, then you are doing all wrong! In 2014, this is a mobile web world! It’s already happening people – they are starting to slowly quit making desktop computers and big laptops to solely focus on app-driven devices that can be carried everywhere you go. Your blog is required to be optimized for mobile reading and use. You can ensure this happens by using responsive themes on your blog or dedicating some form of mobile theme that will be auto detected by a smartphone and/or mobile device. If people find it difficult to read your blog on their devices, they are not going to go through any trouble trying to ease their difficulties, they will simply find another blog that is friendlier to their device and that is not your blog.


5 – Blog Marketing Trends and Authorities

Let’s say that you blog about athletic apparel fashion and you have been into this fashion scene for about 15 years. You create your blog and start publishing content every day and you are on your blog several hours a day. Now let’s say Marcel Kittel, the famous German cyclist featured in the Tour de France just now gets into athletic apparel fashion and starts a blog about it. He doesn’t have anywhere near the experience that you do but everyone is checking out his blog and not yours. Not fair right? It may not seem fair but it really is if you are at all following blog marketing trends and what the experts have always been saying and are really preaching nowadays. You HAVE TO develop authority in your niche, become an expert of your topics and make yourself known to the fans of your niche. If they know who you are, they are going to read what you have to say. The more fans, the bigger readership your blog is going to get! Sometimes you need to get away from your blog, go out into your niche and really get active in it so people start to notice who you are and what you have to say.


6 – Blog Marketing Trends are Helpful

If I read an article on your blog and it doesn’t solve my problems or teach me something new, I probably won’t visit your blog again in the future. No offense to you but that is how blogging works in 2014. Blogs are best made when they can be used for learning a new trade or solving and problem that has been eating away at someone for a long time. Now with that tad bit of information, that doesn’t mean you should blog about the same problem solving solutions and learning methods that everyone else in your niche is already blogging about. If I have already learned how to tie my shoes from your competing blog, why on earth would I want to read about how to tie my shoes the same way on your blog? You need to inform your readers and educate them on subjects that are not being covered by others within your blogging niche. It is important that every piece of content you write be as unique and informative as it can possibly be.


7 – Blog Marketing Trends in Advertisements

The days of doing everything for free and making a lot of money are pretty much over and if still possible, very rare. Unless you invent something online and start a new revolution, you are not going to succeed with using the free card everywhere you turn. Other blogs in your niche are overwhelmingly passing you up because they are creating advertising budgets for their blogs. Facebook advertising is turning into a big deal nowadays and if your blog isn’t on those advertisements, you really are missing out on tons of traffic and potential sales on your blog’s products, advertising plans and services. In 2014, you can to spend money in order to make money! In 2014, you have to spend money in order to become famous in your blogging niche!


8 – Blog Marketing Trends and Media

In the old days, I used to buy CDs with my favorite music on them and pretty much destroy them a month later because I can’t take care of my CDs all that well. I haven’t really bought CDs though in the past 5 years thanks to a revolutionary invention…YouTube! I can find any song I want on YouTube and listen to it for free! Why buy music anymore when I can listen to any song I want for free? The same goes with niche content and blog marketing trends. Why go through all the trouble to read some text when you can listen to it or watch it on a video instead? Are you integrating media into your blogging activities? No? Then you are doing it all wrong! When I want to solve a problem or learn something new, I search for it on Google. Usually a video is within the first results and I usually watch the video long before I try to read a blog post. So does almost everyone else out there, too!


Thanks for reading my blog post on the blog marketing trends you should be watching in 2014. I hope these tips and resources help you better market your blog. If you have enjoyed reading this post, I ask that you share it with other bloggers and on your favorite social media websites to help show me some love and support for writing it for you to read.


Your turn to write, now! Are you practicing any of these blog marketing trends now? What other blog marketing trends of 2014 would you add to this list?


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Facebook Reputation: A How To at Getting Your Blog on Facebook

Facebook reputation might be something you have planned on doing but haven’t got around to actually doing it yet. Maybe you don’t know where to begin on starting your Facebook reputation or you just don’t simply have the time to commit to earning a Facebook reputation at the moment. The big ugly picture here is that you are probably missing out on developing more reputation within your niche, gaining more target audience readers and even missing out on sales and potential income earning benefits that you could be getting from the social media giant. I just hope you are not in that extremely small percentage of people who refuse to use Facebook thinking that it’s all a big hype – if that were true, then why on earth is everyone else on Facebook, besides you of course?!


Facebook Reputation

Got Facebook Reputation?


The First Step of Facebook Reputation is to Join Facebook

To start developing your blog’s Facebook reputation, you need to join Facebook. Now I suggest that you create a personal Facebook account for yourself and your name and then create a page for that account for your blog. You should try to maintain both your personal Facebook reputation and your page’s reputation with the same goals in mind. You don’t want to say anything you would regret the public, especially your audience seeing on your personal Facebook account, right? You also don’t want to hide your personal account because that restricts you from becoming an expert of your niche unless you focus on other social media to be your expert accounts for people to add you as a friend on. I myself use Google Plus for that.


Facebook Reputation Development Demands Activity

To be successful at developing a proper Facebook reputation, you need to be able to devote time and energy into your Facebook campaigns. You need to be able to post several times a day on your Facebook page. Enabling Facebook too automatically post RSS feeds from your blog to Facebook aren’t going to be enough because others will likely notice that it’s all done automatically. You need to also manually post questions, news, updates and images to your blog’s Facebook page as well to show your audience that you are being active on that page. You should be just as active on your Facebook page as you are on your blog if not more active.


Increase Facebook Reputation with Communications

You can increase your blog’s Facebook reputation by communicating with readers and fans on Facebook. You should encourage your blog readers to like your Facebook page and communicate with you on it. You could link to the page for every post you write and encourage readers to come discuss the topics of your niche at your Facebook page. You should also make it easy for your readers to discover your Facebook page by adding page icons, sidebar Facebook blogs and links to your page in every post you write. When others comment on your Facebook page, try to comment back if possible or at least like their comments to indicate that you are paying attention to what they have to say.


Facebook Reputation Says No Robots Allowed

As I said above, adding the ability for RSS feeds to post automatically on your blog’s Facebook page is fine as long as you are posting, too. You don’t want to make your audience feel as if a robot is running your Facebook page because then they will probably not attempt to interact with you on it. You need to add your personal touch to your Facebook page in order to keep things real. Be yourself and be positive about being yourself! Communicate with your fans by using your full emotions and feelings – talk to them like you would talk to your best friend one on one. Share photos, memes, and posts from other blogs, news articles and important questions about your blog’s niche with your fans and start an active community on your blog’s Facebook page. Reply to comments and respond to those who comment by using their names, like their posts and be as helpful as you can when you can be.


Facebook Reputation Deserves Reputable Content

Now this part can be a challenge for many bloggers! You need to make sure you are posting good content on your blog if you want to develop better Facebook reputation. Your blog’s content should be helpful to your niche and it should educate and empower them after your fans read your content. If you are posting content that doesn’t really help others, then there is really no point of posting it to your Facebook page. The idea on developing a Facebook reputation for your blog is to actually convert Facebook fans to active fans of your blog’s content. So you should be posting extremely awesome content on your blog and then sharing it on your Facebook page. You should also post content that is dedicated to your Facebook page that cannot be found on your blog as well. The more often you post on your Facebook page, the better your Facebook reputation can get.


Encourage Participation to Generate Facebook Reputation

Your blog’s Facebook page shouldn’t just be seen as a fan page, it should be seen as a community for your niche. You should be encouraging your page fans to be active on the page. Encourage your fans to be active on your page or community. Ask your fans to post content as much as they want and encourage them to answer questions of other fans if they know the answers to them. You might also try running a few Facebook-only contests and competitions to help make your fans more comfortable at being active on your blog’s Facebook page. Be sure to pay attention to the analytics of your page as well, Facebook provides a ton of statistics that are worth keeping an eye on. You can use these stats to focus more dedication to areas of interest that generate the most fan activity for your blog.


Facebook Reputation Demands Intelligence

In order to be successful at developing Facebook reputation for your blog, you need to think with integrated intelligence. Luckily, Facebook provides page analytics and there are trend tools all over the internet for us to use at our disposal. We basically need to become mini-intelligence officers and spy on our Facebook page’s success and failure rates. You also need to discover when the best time to post status updates is such as what days, times and topics to post about base on when your page fans are on Facebook the most. Continue to read more articles on this blog and beyond this blog to further your intelligence on using Facebook to build reputation for your blog’s fan page and you should do just fine!


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Your turn! How active are you on your Facebook page? What sort of status updates and further activity are you doing on your Facebook page? Please post a link to your Facebook page for me and other to check out!


10 Ways to Never Run Out of Blog Content Ideas Again!

Blog content ideas are basically seen as blogger’s gold to most of us. It is important for you to keep a constant stack of blog content ideas so that you always have something to write about on your future blog posts. However, blog content ideas are being pumped out on an assembly line and we are only humans, so sometimes we have that dreaded blogger’s block or writer’s block which causes us to run out of those better blog content ideas. But never fear my blogging friend, below are 10 different ways to always be able to come up with new blog content ideas and never run out of them again!



Blog Content Ideas

Read this post and never run out of new blog content ideas again!


#1 – Industry News as Blog Content Ideas

Industry news is perfect for getting new blog content ideas when you are in a pinch and there are other benefits to reading those articles as well such as learning more about your niche by reading the work of other experts in the niche. Industry news is the latest and most up-to-date information focusing around whatever niche you are writing about. There are usually tons of these types of industry news sites as well whether they are actual news article websites, other blogs, forums and so on. One website I find myself using to get new blog content ideas from industry news is AllTop, a great website featuring news and blog posts for just about any topic out there. Now you want to make sure that you don’t rip anyone off by posting the same content, just use their content for new ideas and make something that you can call your own as an end result.


#2 – Guest Contributions as Blog Content Ideas

Guest contributions from resourceful guest authors can help ease your issues with blog content ideas because it gives you a break to go research for more blog content ideas and so on. Now you have to be careful when accepting guest contributions on your blog because not everyone wants to help grow your blog with their content – some people are in it just so they can develop back links for their blogs and other websites. I suggest you take a visit to my write for us page to get an idea of what type of guest blog posts you should be looking for on your blog. Focus on accepting blog posts that directly relate to your blog’s topic or niche. It helps if the guest contributor is a blogger themselves and can back up their content skills with example of their own articles be it at their own blog or someone else’s blog. You just want to make sure you are not adding spam posts to your blog otherwise it could do some damage to the reputation and search engine ranking of your blog.


#3 – Content Responses as Blog Content Ideas

Another great resource for gaining new blog content ideas is to surf the internet looking for other blog posts that relate to the niche of your blog. Once you find them, read them thoroughly and create your own take on the subject as a response to their blog post. You should consider linking to the original blog post to show where you got the idea to create the response and to give the other blogger a little bit of link love in the process. When responding to other blog posts that other people have written, it’s a good idea to follow a couple of unofficial ground rules. First, I wouldn’t exactly start a fight or an argument/disagreement type blog post because you could anger the other blogger’s fans or that blogger and start a conflict that could end up hurting one of you and your reputations in the end. Secondly, if responding to their content idea, try to be unique and original about it. Show your positive take on the issue and try not to post word for word of what they have already written.


#4 – Repurposing Content as Blog Content Ideas

Did you know that you can gain blog content ideas simply by using your previously written blog posts? It’s true; I do it all the time! The trick is repurposing your previous blog content into new blog content ideas without making duplicate posts. So instead of writing the same post again that you have already written – take the base idea of the blog post and create a different type of post. For example, if you wrote an article last years about how you made money with Google Adsense by placing ads on the bottom of your blog, then you could create a Top-10 type list on what positions on your blog is best for visitors seeing Google Adsense ads. So you are using the same subject you had previously wrote about but you are twisting it up a little different with new content and new formatting so no one is reading the same content about the subject that they read last year. If you write a lot of blog posts, using this idea could come in handy because you can usually repurpose every piece of blog content that you have ever written.


#5 – Numbered Lists as Blog Content Ideas

When all else fails, numbered lists prevails! People really like numbered list-type blog posts and so they make for great blog content ideas. I try to stick in a few numbered list blog posts each month on all my blogs because people crave them so much. Like this blog post, I think readers enjoy them so much because they show the amount of tips and resources they are expecting to read about right from the get go. So to create some good numbered list-type blog posts, just take the issues and subjects within your niche a create a couple list-type posts to give tips, resources and so on. You could start it out like “10 Ways to….” or “10 Different Strategies for…” and so on. You want to try to use power words and calls to action in your numbered list-type posts as well as it will further draw readers into the article. The great thing about list-type blog posts is that they are the easiest to make viral content on your blog.


#6 – Experiment Sharing as Blog Content Ideas

Experiment sharing is a great way to be successful with gaining new blog content ideas. The premise of this type of idea generator is that you experiment with something related to the niche of your blog and then create an article showing your readers what you did, how they can EASILY do it themselves and what the end results will be like. For example, let’s say you run a blog concentrating on making money online. You experiment with using a new website that claims it will pay you 2% of every sell that is referred from content that you publish on their article website. You write some articles, promote them a bit and start to earn from that 2%. You would then share your experiences and experiment details with your readers in a form of a blog post on your blog. Just make sure that the details are easy to read and understand and easy to duplicate so that your readers actually find your post to be useful.


#7 – Top Trends as Blog Content Ideas

The top trends online and offline make for great blog content ideas simply because they are what are currently hot or viral at the moment. You should be focusing on search engine trends showing what internet users are searching for the most. You should also be focusing on what is trending on the popular social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter as well. There are many different types of tools and analytics websites out there for you to discover when trying to find the latest trends in social media and search engines – which you should be using. Now with using what is trending and writing new blog posts about these trends, this content idea usually requires you to write and publish new blog posts in a certain amount of time since trends don’t usually last all that long. You could also try to invent new trends and hot topics as well but be prepared to spend a lot of time and potentially a lot of money on promoting ideas to turn into trending topics and hot content.


#8 – Asking Audience for Blog Content Ideas

Always consider your readers as one of the biggest methods for gaining new blog content ideas to write about. The truth is that you want to always impress your audience with the content you publish on your blog and sometimes that is best done by simply asking them what they want to see. You can ask your readers for more ideas to post about by creating a blog post asking them to reply with their ideas, asking readers in your monthly newsletters, launching a blog-wide survey and even utilizing communications on social media. If you have the capital and resources, you could also make it into a content of sorts and offer cash or prizes to those who suggest ideas that you use for writing new blog posts. You are better off writing about what your audience actually wants to read about rather than trying to play some sort of guessing game to see what they like and what they don’t like.


#9 – Q&A Site for Blog Content Ideas

One of the keys to successful blogging especially in the niche blogging genre is to write something that actually assists and helps readers within your niche audience. A good way of doing this is to answer the tough and challenging questions within the niche – and this tactic also helps to give you new blog content ideas when you are running low on them. So to get started, you should check out Q&A sites such as Yahoo! Answers and others to see what people are asking about within your target niche. Then you can focus on creating content that answers those questions. A lot of times, people answering questions on answer sites are using Google to seek the answers so it helps to use proper SEO strategies and promote your content in an attempt to get it onto the first few pages of Google and other major search engines so that your content can be found and used a lot quicker. You might even try to become a valued contributor of these Q&A sites yourself but be sure not to be mistaken as a self-promoting spammer because it will be easy to confuse you as one if you are not too careful.


#10 – Weekly Resource Post as Blog Content Ideas

Last but not least, there is the idea of making a weekly resource themed blog posts. Basically here, you start by choosing a day of the week to post about a specific subject. It helps to create some type of theme to make the weekly routine more viral to your audience. For example, I could start a theme for this blog called “Friday Freebies” and all articles that I write for Friday can be focused on giving free software, themes and resources to bloggers. I could also start a “Monday Money” theme where all articles I write for Mondays will focus on making money with your blog. Examples like those can help you out if you want to start something like this. The idea is to use a catchy name that people will start to become familiar with and therefore, they will usually wait to see what new content they get on that day.


Thanks for reading my blog post about 10 different ways to gain new blog content ideas when you have ran out of them. With these 10 different steps, you shouldn’t ever have to run out of new blog content ideas again in the future. There are plenty more idea articles out there on the internet as well as on this blog that you should also do a search for. If you have enjoyed reading this article as much as I have enjoyed writing it, please help to show your support for me writing it by sharing it with other bloggers, on your own blog and on your favorite social media websites.


Now let’s hear from you! Have you used any of these tips above to generate new blog content ideas for your site? What other methods do you use to gain more blog content ideas for your own blog that should be added to this list?


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Your Dream Blog Update: New Guest Blogging Guidelines!

Lately I have been getting a lot of emails from former guest bloggers who wish for links to be removed from their guest contributions because it is harming their Google PageRank. They usually end the email with a threat to add Your Dream Blog to the Google disavow tool potentially harming this blog. I don’t take kindly to threats so my response is simply deleting their guest contribution altogether and never ever again accepting another guest submission from them in the future. I created this blog to help other bloggers not to rake in drama from inexperienced bloggers who don’t understand the concepts of guest blogging.


Because of this, I have updated the Write For Us page which entails what I expect from those requesting to contribute guest articles on this blog. The new rules are merely common sense but they should be read and understood nonetheless before submitting a guest article for this blog.


If you are interested in becoming a guest blogger, please read the page and then feel free to email me a submission request following the instructions on that page.


Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great weekend!

50 Bad Blogging Nightmares that You Should Avoid!

Bad blogging tactics can happen to anyone including you. You want to make sure that you are using good blogging tactics on your own blog so that you can gain the maximum success rate that your blog has to offer. Below are 50 of the worst blogging tactics you could use on your own blog. You should avoid these bad blogging methods at all costs and mitigate your blog from killing its success and replacing it with failure, instead.


Bad Blogging

The Worst of Bad Blogging mistakes that will make you Go Crazy!


Bad Blogging SEO Nightmares

Blog SEO or Search Engine Optimization is important but it can easily be abused if you are not too careful about using it. Abusing your blog SEO tactics can result in a much lower search engine rank than your blog deserves and you could even get blacklisted from Google and other big search engines. The 10 mistakes below are worth avoiding at all costs.

  1. Keyword Stuffing – This bad blogging mistake is when you focus on your keyword or keyword phrase more than you focus on your blog content. Don’t make it obvious that you are targeting a certain keyword in your blog posts because Google and other search engines will probably notice it.
  2. Anti-Uniqueness – Do not make the mistake of not being unique when you create new content on your blog. The more unique you can be with your content; the better off your blog will be on Google and other major search engines. Use the content as everyone else and there is no reason for you to rank.
  3. Errors – Don’t make the bad blogging mistake of not checking the site for errors and broken links. Google and other major search engines will lower your ranking if there are a bunch of errors and broken links on your blog. Be sure to setup proper error pages and scan your blog for links that don’t work anymore.
  4. Duplicate Content – Don’t focus all your writing on one specific subject in your blogging niche because if you do, you will likely create duplicate content which is a huge bad blogging method for blog SEO and ranking on search engines. Instead, focus on a different keyword and topic each time you write a new blog post.
  5. External Links – You should make sure you watch what external links you are adding to your articles. Search engines love external links that go to relevant content about the subject you are writing about and it will help your SEO ranking. But links to irrelevant websites and sites that are “fishy” will only hurt your ranking in the long run.
  6. Not Growing Up – Old SEO methods like the keyword Meta tag should be avoided. Most large search engines like Google ignore that tag but your competition might not do that – instead they will see what keyword you are focusing on and target them on their content in an attempt to out rank you on your own keywords in search.
  7. Ignoring Stats – Statistics and analytics go hand in hand with your blog SEO strategies. You need to focus on your blogging analytics to see what it working and what is not working in terms of search, targeted keywords and so on. If you make the mistake of ignoring your stats, then you won’t realize it when you are indeed making SEO mistakes.
  8. Wrong Keywords – If you use the wrong keywords, then there will be no point of targeting keywords in the first place. But how do you find the keywords that you should be using? Easy – just get out there in your niche and read about what is trending in the niche and target related keywords about those trends.
  9. Killing Spiders – Spiders or search engine crawlers need access to your blog and their access needs to be as easy as possible. You need to make sure your robot.txt page is setup properly and that you have created proper sitemaps for your blog. Join Google and Bing Webmaster Tools and use them, they work!
  10. Buying Links – Buying text links on other websites used to be a great way to increase your SEO scores that is until Google figured it out and started calling it abuse. Don’t waste your money on buying text links anymore. Spend it on Facebook Ads and Google Adwords if you want results from paid advertising.


Bad Blogging Content Nightmares

Content is pretty important when it comes to blogging. Content makes up the most of your blog and it pretty much why readers are going to be visiting your blog in the first place. If you make certain mistakes with your content, you could scare readers away from your blog forever. The 10 items below are some of the worst mistakes you could ever make with your blog content creation tactics.

  1. Not Being Helpful ­– Readers often look for blogs because they need help with a certain subject or issue. If you don’t try to solve the problems in your niche by writing the solutions as blog posts, you are making a huge mistake with your blogging content creation. Your posts should be helping your readers!
  2. Not Asking Questions – Don’t make the mistake of writing a well written blog post but not asking questions to your audience within it! See, the trick is making your readers think about your blog post so that they can become interested in what you have to say. Questions will allow your readers to relate their issues with what you have written.
  3. Not Using CTA – CTA marketing or Call-To-Action marketing is important for bloggers. If you’re not using CTA marketing on your blog then you’re making the mistake of not encouraging your members to take action on your blog such as sharing the post with others and leaving a comment.
  4. Not Using Images – Don’t make the mistake of boring your readers to death as they read through what you have to tell them. Images, clipart and photographs will help catch the attention of your readers and break up the monotony a little bit. You should also use line breaks, lists and formatting to mix things up a bit.
  5. Not Using Internal Links – If you don’t use internal links on new blog posts, then you are making a huge mistake. No old blog post should go without getting more readers. You should link to relevant blog posts that you have written in the past to your new blog posts to send more readers to older content.
  6. Not Being Frequent – If you have created a blog, don’t be slow about blogging; be frequent about writing new posts for it. You don’t have to and you don’t want to write a new blog post several times a day but you should at least update your blog with a new article a few times a week if you are able to.
  7. Not Being Original – No one wants to read something that someone else is already talking about so don’t make the mistake of beating a subject in the dirt by writing about what others are already writing about. You need to focus on being unique and original with all of your blog’s content.
  8. Not Being Personal – Write to your readers as if you were taking to them one on one. Don’t not be personal with your readers otherwise they might not relate as much as you want them to. Use words like “we” and “you” so your readers actually feel like you are talking to them with your blog posts.
  9. Not Being Interactive – If you get comments, be sure to comment back. Readers will often comment and try to be closer to you but if you don’t comment back to them, they will likely eventually lose interest in what you have to say. Keep the comments going and turn the article into great discussions about the subjects you write about. Reply to a comment even if it’s just to thank someone for commenting!
  10. Only Thinking about Yourself – Don’t make the terrible mistake of blogging for yourself. You should always be writing new articles for your audience and their needs. You don’t need the knowledge as much as they desire it so write for them and keep your own needs out of your blog posts.


Bad Blogging Marketing Nightmares

Marketing mistakes can also serve as bad blogging tactics that you need to avoid at all costs if you are able to. Marketing is required for a blog to be successful but if you use the wrong marketing tactics, you may not only harm your blog’s reputation but you can also destroy your own reputation as an authority of the niche if you are not too careful about it. The following 10 mistake below should be avoided when concerning blog marketing strategies.

  1. Lying – If you want to ruin your online reputation quick, fast and in a hurry – then you should lie to your audience. Listen, no matter how manipulative and sneaky you think you could be, if you lie to your fans, you risk being caught up in that lie and if that happens, you might never be forgiven for doing it.
  2. Theft – Like I told you above, be original and be unique. If you copy another blogger or steal someone else’s work, ideas and material – you will be labeled a thief in your blogging niche. Stealing is unethical and immoral but it’s also illegal and can result in legal action being taken against you and your profits.
  3. Not Developing Authority – In this day and age, to be successful within your blogging niche, you need to be seen as an expert of that niche. Don’t make the terrible mistake of not developing authority in your niche. Get out there in the niche and develop authority on every portion of it that you can then some.
  4. Refusing to Learn – Blogging is not just a teaching experience! Sure, others will come to you for knowledge but what happens when you don’t have the knowledge to give them? You should always be attempting to learn new things about the niche. Ignoring the art of learning is a bad blogging mistake that could drop you down to the bottom of the niche’s food chain quite quickly.
  5. Being a Mr. Know It All – Teaching is important like I told you above but being a teacher means that you need to let others have a chance to learn and teach as well. Don’t make the mistake of carrying yourself as a Mr. Know It All of your niche and making others feel like you are intelligent and they are dumb otherwise they might seek someone else who has more compassion for them and their thought process.
  6. Ignoring Marketing – The biggest mistake of marketing your blog is not marketing your blog. Natural marketing such as word of mouth is a good tactic but you also need to be marketing and promoting your blog through other means as well. The trick is spreading the word about your blog so other people in your blog’s niche can find you quicker.
  7. Ignoring SMO – What is SMO? If you have asked that then you are already making this mistake. SMO is Social Media Optimization and it’s basically where you optimize your blog and marketing tactics to integrate with social media. SMO is just as important as SEO these days so if you’re ignoring it, you’re probably losing quite a bit of readers.
  8. Not Innovating – Not innovating is a bad blogging mistake to make! You need to freely be able to step outside of your comfort zone and try new marketing tactics. Invent your own tactics and be a leader and an expert in your niche marketing rather than looking to someone else to provide you a marketing security blanket.
  9. Ignoring Freebies – If you are not giving anything away for free, then you are the only blogger doing it! Other bloggers are building HUGE mailing lists by simply giving subscribers a couple of eBooks after they subscribe to the mailing list. People really like to get free things and with the internet, the cost of giving free things is merely priceless.
  10. Being Aggressive to Competition – Your competition is NOT your enemy! In the blogosphere, other blogs like yours are more beneficial to you and your blog than bad. You can gain new ideas from related blogs, see what is working for them and what is not working and even connect with the blogger and share their fan base as another authority in the niche. Don’t ignore or bully your fellow blogger!


Bad Blogging Profit Nightmares

Gaining a profit is something that many of us bloggers hope to one day do. It is nice when our blogs can pay for themselves and we can earn a little bit of playing money as well. However, there are mistakes that can be made to ensure that you never earn any sort of profit with your blog. The 10 mistakes below are some of the worst profit mistakes you can make with your blog.

  1. Abusing Adsense – Many bloggers turn to Adsense to start earning a profit which is fine as long as you don’t abuse the ad network. You need to read and always follow the Adsense terms and guidelines when using it on your blog otherwise they will ban you from using it and you probably won’t ever be unbanned.
  2. Relying on Adsense – Adsense isn’t the only way to make money blogging. You should look into a variety of different tactics to earn a profit with your blog. If you just rely on one tactic and something happens to where you quit earning with that tactic, then you will quickly find yourself in the poor house before you even realize it.
  3. Not Becoming a Salesperson – Selling advertisements directly is one of the finer methods of making a profit with your blog. But don’t make the mistake of thinking ad buyers will find you before you seek out and find them. You need to become an online salesperson and master those skills so that you can tap into the luxurious world of internet profit.
  4. Charging too much – Don’t make the bad blogging mistake of being too greedy about selling ads and earning a profit with your blog. You need to make sure that you are not charging too much for the things you are trying to earn money on. You also need to make sure you take care of your existing clients when you decide to increase costs.
  5. Charging too little – Now not being greedy is a good thing but being gullible is just as bad as being greedy. Don’t make the mistake of charging too little for your profiting methods on your blog. The best thing to do is check out the prices of your competition, try to remain lower but actually try to earn a decent profit in the process.
  6. Not Spending Money – You will probably not start making a real profit until after you have already spent money on your blog. Many newbie bloggers think that you can make a blog for free on free blog hosting sites and get rich from it. This is a myth – it simply does not work that way. In most cases, it will take years before you even earn a profit higher than what you have already spent on your blog. Be patient about earning a profit and develop a budget in the meantime.
  7. Avoiding Taxes – Pending what country you live in, you need to make sure you follow their laws on earning a profit and paying taxes. If you start to earn a lot of revenue and you don’t report it, you not only face a variety of legal problems resulting in going poor but you could essentially go to prison as well and that doesn’t seem like a good benefit to blogging for profit.
  8. Scamming – DO NOT SCAM PEOPLE! This mistake will ruin your blog and your own reputation online and offline, you will probably get sued, your hosting service will probably suspend your account and you could even face criminal charges. If you lie, mislead or are inaccurate in your tactics to earn revenue with your blog – then you deserve to fail and fail miserably at that!
  9. Refusing Refunds – Some newbie bloggers make the mistake of refusing refunds – you should try to NOT be one of those newbie bloggers. Here is the reason: If you refuse a refund, you will likely be able to honor that refusal but the person wanting the refund will likely tell others that you rip people off and bad marketing is the worst thing that can happen to your blog. Just count your losses and issue a refund and don’t do business with that person anymore.
  10. Improper Money Management – Don’t be dumb about managing your money once you start to actually make money with your blog. Make sure that you are using the money to pay for your blog and make it better long before you start putting money in your pocket. If you use up all of your profit on yourself and material items that you have always wanted – then you might not have enough to continue your blog and continue making even more profit. Be smart with your money management tactics!


Bad Blogging Management Nightmares

Managing a blog is a challenge and it often involves hard work, time and dedication from you to make it successful. However, there are many mistakes that can be made with managing your blog. Luckily, other bloggers have made mistakes in the past and have shared them for us to help us learn about them and how to avoid them on our own blogs. Below are 10 mistakes about blogging management that I encourage you to attempt to avoid as much as you can.

  1. Allowing Spam Comments – Allowing spam comments to be published on your blog would be the perfect example of bad blogging 101. Spam comments will drive real readers away, spam will hurt your search engine ranking and it will make your reputation go down the spam toilet quite quickly. Never allow spam comments to be published on your blog – review all comments to prevent spam!
  2. Ignoring Guest Posting – Guest posting is a wonderful two way street for bloggers. You can become a guest blogger on other blogs to help gain more recognition and fans. You can allow guest bloggers on your own blog to help give yourself a break from writing and mix things up. Either way, you need to ensure that they content is relevant and useful to the blog no matter if it’s your blog or their blog.
  3. Not having an About Page – An about me page is something that your blog needs and if it doesn’t already have it, you’re making a huge mistake by not having one for your readers to check out. An about me page is where you can show your readers that you are indeed an expert and authority of your blogging niche. Try to keep your about me page up to date and with additional resources for your readers to take advantage of.
  4. Not Using Pages – The about me page isn’t the page you should have on your blog. Pages are just as important as posts. You can use pages to create guest blogging guidelines, privacy policies (often required when using ad networks like Adsense) and even advertising and contact information pages. Just be sure that every page you create on your blog actually is resourceful to the reader.
  5. Not Sticking with a Specific Niche – You cannot seriously think that you can blog about every topic out there. You need to create a blog within a niche and if possible a specific subject of that niche. A webmaster blog would have been a huge niche to cover and involve a lot harder work – so I instead create a blog about blogging because now I only have to focus on one aspect of developing websites and that is blogs. Pick a niche that you are interested in and love and stick to blogging about that niche.
  6. Being Rude – Are you dry? Are you sarcastic? Are you easily offended? Can you hide all that when managing your own blog? If you can’t do any of these things then bad blogging is probably going to be in your blogging future. Never ever be rude to someone reading your blog! Don’t gossip about people in your blog and don’t argue with those who comment. It always makes you look worse than the person you are into with.
  7. Choosing the Wrong Blog Setup – Before you ever think about making a blog, decide what blog setup you want to use first. Sure, you can use WordPress free blog hosting but they don’t allow most tactics that will earn you money and why should they? They aren’t making a profit with your blog! Blogger is another free one but you’re not going to get that many features. The WordPress self hosting software gives you a lot more room if you have the server environment for it – which usually requires you to spend some money on hosting and a good domain name.
  8. Bad Looks – If you want to run your readers off from your blog way before they even start to read your posts, then by all means, have the worst looking theme and logo that can have on your blog. Your blog will be judged by its cover so you need to make sure that it has a great look, feel and navigation is simple to use by the simplest person out there.
  9. Not Leaving Your Blog – If you think you and your blog is going to get anywhere in the niche by you never leaving your blog or exploring the niche, you are dead wrong. Paying too much attention to your own blog is bad blogging, period. If you want to succeed with your blog, then you are going to have to get away from your blog at times and explore other areas and sites in the niche. Also be sure to take a break here and there so you don’t burn out on blogging because it happens.
  10. Not Expanding – You can just blog if you want to but to me that sounds like a boring and monotonous life to live. No, you need to expand your blog into other realms of entertainment and authority development. Create an eBook and give it away, create another eBook and sell it, add a message forum to your blog, create products and software – expand your blog to the next level and innovate!


Now it’s your turn to write! Have you made any of these bad blogging mistakes before and were you ever able to recover from it? What other mistakes do you think should be added to this list? Please help support me for writing this article by sharing it with other bloggers and especially on your favorite social media profiles as well. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post, I hope it helps you out!


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Unique Blogging Topics… You Should Do It! As Should I!

Unique Blogging Topics are a subject I have been pondering for the last few days concerning this blog. See, I cover a wide variety of different blogging topics but lately I have wondered how much unique blogging topics I am actually covering on Your Dream Blog. Unique blogging topics are what you need to focus on if you really want to build a great audience because your unique blogging topics will set your blog as a unique blog. We can all write about the same old same old just like the other bloggers out there and it’s not always a bad thing because we can add our own twists to the topics. However, if we were to focus more on unique blogging topics that are really not getting that much attention on the net – we could essentially start a unique gathering of fans on our blogs, right?


Unique Blogging Topics

How many of your blogging topics are unique blogging topics?


But what are Unique Blogging Topics these days?

This is a great question to ask yourself before you go on your campaign of writing unique blogging topics. How can we define unique blogging topics on a World Wide Web that is oversaturated with blogs about the same topic? Basically, this task is going to require you to read just as much as you write. See, you need to go on other blogs that share your niche and subject and read them – read them every time they update, read their newsletter, read their social media profiles, read everything that they have to offer for you to read. Then you will know what they are covering and what they are not covering. Your unique blogging topics should be about what other bloggers are not writing about.


Your Dream Blog is a great blog and I should know because I maintain it. However, I do feel that I lack unique blogging topics on this blog as much as I should be writing them. So I want to change this! From here on out, I want to start focusing on unique blogging topics that you cannot find anywhere else on other blogs about blogging. I want to start a trend on specific topics that are not being written about at this time because all the topics should be covered, right? The more topics there are about blogging, the more help you can get with your blog and that my friends is always going to be my mission.


So what do you think? What other good ways are there for you to discover unique blogging topics to write about on your blog? What unique blogging topics and ideas do you want to see me write about on this blog? Thanks for reading as always and remember to share this post with others and especially on your favorite social networking profiles because it helps to support me for my work.


Don’t let your Blog Niche Authority get to your head!

Blog Niche Authority is a good benefit to have on your side when running a niche blog. I can help you develop a fan base and even gain you more profit if blogging for revenue. Once you are able to gain some blog niche authority, increasing that blog niche authority gets easier and easier as you keep blogging. However, if you let your blog niche authority get to your head – it’s going to give you one hell of a hangover in the morning.


Blog Niche Authority

Blog Niche Authority + Abusing Blog Niche Authority = Angry Fans!


Blog niche authority is a privilege more than a right. If you abuse your privileged blog niche authority – it can easily be taken away from you for doing so. Short answer: If you act like a Mr. Know-It-All and others start to catch on to it, then why on earth would they want to follow you? Long answer: Read the contents of this blog post to get an idea of the kind of authority activities you shouldn’t be doing on your blog…


Don’t Abuse Other Bloggers with your Blog Niche Authority

Rivalry is one of the biggest failures I recommend new bloggers try to avoid. If you are aggressively competitive with another blog that is like yours, you might do things and say things that you will greatly regret later on down the road. Other bloggers are like your BFFs or part of your family because they can be very beneficial for you, your niche and your blog niche authority development. Go around pissing off other authorities and you will probably piss off their fans as well. Then their fans use good old trusty “Word of Mouth” marketing tactics to tell others who are fans of the niche to stay away from you because you are bad news. A fan will defend a blogger more than the blogger will actually defend themselves. Instead of being the rival, be the fellow blog niche authority who recommends your fans check them out and lend a helping hand any chance you get. The favor is almost always returned!


Don’t Lie about your Blog Niche Authority

Lying is one of the worst things you can do as a blog niche authority and it usually comes back to bite you in the backside almost every time. If you lie and say you are a blog niche authority when you are actually not a blog niche authority – you are probably eventually going to burry yourself at some point or another. The mistake liars tend to make is they give an answer or a theory that completely contradicts their previous answer or theory or makes them out to look like a newbie. It is not easy to lie to your fans and get away with it and it shouldn’t be because its unethical and wrong. If you’re not a blog niche authority yet, don’t worry about it! Keep on learning, practicing and blogging and you will be a niche expert before you know it. Your fans will understand that it’s a learning process more than they will understand why you have lied to them about who you really are within the blog niche authority community.


Don’t Abuse your Blog Niche Authority by Abusing your Fans

Remember – your fans are going to be the heartbeat of your success, without them, your success will not be able to stay alive. If a fan disagrees with what you have to say, it’s okay to have a respectful and reasonable debate with them as long as you don’t focus on making them look like an idiot. If you abuse your fans, your other fans will take notice and it could easily scare them away. They might not see you for what you are attempting to do. All they are seeing is a blogger abusing someone who has commented on their blog post and that may be enough to discourage them from commenting because they don’t want you to lash out at them or they might think that they too would post something that you thought was idiotic. If you get belligerent commenters who just try to make a scene, deal with it the professional way and ignore them. If they get out of hand – remember you have the option of not approving their comments anymore.


Thanks for reading my blog post about not abusing your blog niche authority and preventing it from going to your head. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article, today! Please help support me for writing it for you by simply sharing it with other bloggers and sharing it on your social networking profiles as well.


Your turn to comment! As a fan of a niche, what do you not want to see the blog niche authority bloggers doing on their blogs that you would consider abuse of their authority? What further recommendations would you give a fellow blog niche authority?


Creative Commons Image Credit: Tambako the Jaguar


Viral Blog Post Creation In Just 10 Easy Steps!

Writing a viral blog post is something that many bloggers dream of. If you can write a viral blog post on your blog, then getting traffic and dedicated readers shouldn’t be a problem for you thereafter! A viral blog post is simply a post that gains viral attention whether the viral blog post became viral through traffic, shares, back links or however it become popular. If you write a blog post that get a tremendous amount of attention and it keeps growing and growing then you have written a true viral blog post.


Viral Blog Post

Write a Viral Blog Post in these 10 easy to do steps!


But how do you write a viral blog post? You might be asking this question after reading the first part of this blog post. Well I am here to show you how it’s done, for free and it doesn’t require you to be some sort of expert or authority that everyone in your blogging niche knows about. In fact, a 10 year old could take this advice and write a viral blog post on their own blog and rake in the success of the viral results – that is how easy I wanted this blog post to be for you!


Step #1 – Figure out what kind of viral blog post you want to write!

The first step of writing a viral blog post is to figure out what to write about. Obviously, you want to choose something along the lines of your blog’s niche so you got that part down. Now you need to go investigate the many websites and communities within your niche, figure out those hard to answer questions that you can provide and answer for and then you will have your viral blog post topic to write about.


Step #2 – Take your time writing your viral blog post!

Don’t rush writing a viral blog post because you will likely make mistakes and not even notice many of them afterwards. Take your time writing the wannabe viral blog post so you can enter in all your thoughts, observations and solutions. Then give your new upcoming viral blog post a good thorough look around and edit it where editing is needed – make it perfect!


Step #3 – Your viral blog post needs a great headline!

The headline or the viral blog post title is probably one of the most important parts of your new viral blog post. You really need to think this one out and brainstorm on a headline idea that you just reach out and grab the eyes of your readers. A good headline should be commanding readers to read your viral blog post because it will solve their life’s problems.


Step #4 – Opening your viral blog post!

The headline of your new viral blog post is important but your opening statement might be just as important. The beginning of your viral blog post needs to quickly but classically tell the reader about what you have to say and why they should continue to read it. Tell your readers that you have solved their problems and the rest of your content is the easy solution made just for them.


Step #5 – Break out some subheaders with your new viral blog post!

After your opening statement is perfected, it is time to work on the content of the viral blog post you are hoping to set free to the World Wide Web. Don’t allow your reader to get lost in a bunch of words – give their mind some space by breaking things up with great subheaders telling readers about what you will be talking about in the next paragraph and try to be just as eye catching as you were with the viral blog post title.


Step #6 – Use some format on your upcoming viral blog post!

The main use of your viral blog post is going to be the words that make up the post’s content, of course, like with most other blog posts out there. But if you snaz it all up with some additional format, it could set the mood of your viral blog post and make things a lot more fun to read. Be BOLD with your formatting usage and add some sights (aka images) to it as well. Make your readers smile by adding some fun looks to your viral blog post.


Step #7 – Initiate journeys on your viral blog post!

Links! Links are awesome when it comes to blogging because if you add relevant links from other blog posts you have written as well as relevant links from other blog posts that other people has written – it sure does make up for a great viral blog post full of resources and fun. Now you don’t want to make every word into a link but a couple here and couple there has never hurt anything before.


Step #8 – Thank the reader for reading your viral blog post!

The second to the last paragraph of your viral blog post should be focused on thanking the reader for reading the viral blog post and giving some call to action commands within that paragraph to boot. Tell the reader to help support you for taking the time to write the article by sharing it with other people they know and so on. You can also use this time to link to your blog’s social media page and inform the reader that they can learn more about the subject from those pages.


Step #9 – End your viral blog post with a question!

If you want your blog post to grow up to be a strong viral blog post then focus the end of the post on engaging the reader to take action and write. Always try to end your viral blog post with a question relating to the blog post’s topic. Ask them how they would of done something differently or if they have tried your solution and what the results were like. The job here is getting them to engage with you and tell you how they feel about the subject so you can keep the conversation going and keep everyone reading even after they read the viral blog post.


Step #10 – Don’t forget about your viral blog post!

The most common mistake of the failed viral blog post is that bloggers often write the blog post, expect it will go viral and then forget about it. The only way that people are going to know about the viral blog post is for you to encourage it to become viral. Share, share and share some more! Share it on Facebook, Tweet it on Twitter, Pin it on Pinterest, Post it on Google Plus, Submit it to your favorite message forum, add it to the link box of a relevant blog comment you are writing… Get the word out about your viral blog post and remember to link to it when it’s appropriate in other blog posts that you write.


That’s all you have to do to write a truly awesome viral blog post on your blog. I thank you for taking the time to read this post and I hope it helped you out, a lot! Please help me make this post a viral blog post by sharing it with other bloggers that you know and especially on your favorite social networking profiles because that will help out a whole bunch and I will love you forever and ever for doing it.


Now let’s hear from you! Have you ever written a viral blog post before? What other tips would you give to your fellow bloggers when creating a viral blog post?


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Content isn’t King Anymore! Long Live the New Blog King!

Content isn’t king??? WHAT??? WHAT??? WHAT??? Did Shawn just say that content isn’t king anymore? He must be off his rocker! I am here to tell you that I am not off my rocker – content isn’t king anymore. Now that is a scary thought to a blogger at first since that is what blogging is all about… content. But see, content is just content and anyone can create content. What is king in 2014 is HELPFULNESS and that goes a lot of a longer way than boring old content that just about any blogger online can create.


Blog Content

Right when you thought content was king, the game changes…


Content Used to be King

In the old days, content was king and it really didn’t matter what kind of content you created on your blog. People just liked to read back in those days even if after they were done reading, nothing was to be gained from it. Not anymore, though! Now the internet is a community and a tool for people seeking information. We used to read blogs to read and if we needed information, we’d go to the public library or call our friends from a land line phone and ask them. Now we get on the internet and look it up and chances are, there is about a hundred blogs talking about the kind of information we are in search of.


Helpfulness Reigns over Content

Being helpful with your blog posts is what is king now! Your content creation is still important because it obviously for a blog but your content NEEDS TO HELP those reading your articles. If you just write a blog about your day and you are not trying to assist others with their problems, you might get a few readers but everyone else will be too busy trying to find a solution to their problems on other blogs that are not maintained by you. Heck, even Google will rank your blog higher for being a helpful blog rather than a content-rich blog. See Google tracks bounce rates on our blogs – they are looking for websites where users are staying online of these websites for long periods of time, going through different pages and appearing to like the content they are reading. Be helpful – get active readers – enough said!


Do You Really Understand Helpfulness in Content, Though?

Being helpful with your content is a complex framework! You basically need to be the only blog talking about a subject and that subject needs to be extremely helpful to the reader reading that article. So you have two important yet challenging tasks to perform. You have to be helpful and you have to be original. Now to do this, I suggest that you explore your niche community and find questions, problems and issues that no one is touching or trying to help others on – Find a solution for them – Make it easy to explain – Post it as a blog post – REPEAT! Do this and you will notice a pretty significant impact on the growth of your readership and your blog’s popularity.


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Your turn! On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being least helpful and 10 being most helpful – how would you personally rate the helpfulness score of your blog’s content? What are you doing to make sure that your blog content is as helpful as it can be?